Its Not Our Fault: Mother of Convicted Apex Gang Member Blames Australian Government For Sudanese Crime Wave


Asha Awur, the mother of a Melbourne based convicted African criminal gang member, has lashed out at the Australian Government for not providing enough support to recently arrived immigrants. Awur, an unemployed Sudanese immigrant, suggested in a recent interview that the Australian Government should increase the amount of welfare provided to refugees via Centrelink. She then suggested that African youths are joining criminal gangs and committing violent crimes because their parents are unable to provide adequate financial support for them.

One of Awur’s sons, who is currently serving a prison sentence for gang related crime, was involved in the increasingly destructive African gang crime epidemic in Melbourne before his recent imprisonment. The woman’s comments come amidst a national outcry over the African gang crime wave, with numerous high profile federal politicians and media figures leading a public outcry over government inaction in relation to the epidemic.

Awur’s refusal to accept personal responsibility for the failings of her own children wreak of a culture of entitlement, with many Sudanese ‘community leaders’ voicing similar sentiments in recent weeks. Ultimately, with statistics comprehensively proving the existence of a link between Sudanese immigration and crime in Victoria, the blame does very much lie with those responsible for these crimes and the families which have raised them. Increasing welfare payments is a step in the wrong direction. Instead, the mainstream political debate must begin addressing the underlying fallacies surrounding the current bipartisan political support for mass immigration and multiculturalism. The safety and well-being of all Australians depends on it.

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