Margaret Court Sacked From Cottesloe Tennis Club Position For Supporting Traditional Marriage

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Australian tennis legend Margaret Court has been dumped from her role as Cottesloe Tennis Club vice-patron this week, with the septuagenarian’s opposition to gay marriage being raised as a justification for her dismissal. Court, who was widely criticised earlier this year after coming out publicly in support of traditional marriage, has pursued a role as a minister within the Pentecostal Church following her retirement from tennis.

Following the decision, Court has explained how the move was a politically motivated attempt to silence her for holding conservative views. “It’s a sad day for our nation… Ian Thorpe can stand for the other side and there’s no criticism but when we stand for our Christian beliefs or God’s side I feel sporting people are very intimidated, they’re put down”, she said.

Court’s dismissal follows similar stories of intimidation and bigotry from the ‘Yes’ campaign, with a group of Brisbane church attendees harassed by ‘Yes’ campaigners earlier this month, whilst a Melbourne book store also demonstrated a similar level of maturity in explaining via social media that ‘No’ voters would be unwelcome to visit the store. Interestingly, despite the ‘Yes’ campaign repeatedly warning of the potential for the plebiscite to expose people to hatred, these sentiments have clearly only come from one particular side of the debate since the plebiscite was announced.

With the outcome of Australia’s gay marriage plebiscite not due to be announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics until November, it seems likely that similar stories will continue to emerge over the coming weeks. Remember though — tolerance, diversity, and progress. It is the current year after all.

  • Hayley Solich

    Article 19 of the United Nations Human Rights Agreement states. “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Cottesloe Tennis Club used Margaret Court while she was a Champion and now she is a Champion of the Gospel, they have axed her. What does that say about Cottesloe Tennis Club???

    • James

      What it says about the Cottesloe tennis club is that they’re a bunch of craven cunts.


      You don’t have to say anything about the Cottesloe Tennis Club, they have said it for you, they need to understand the ramifications of Article 19.

  • Nato Cullen

    So much is wrong with this. I am not religious in any way but she has every right to her opinion and beliefs. to end her position with the club because of her religious views is hypocritical when you consider the scenario if this was a Muslim person removed from employment Due to his/her worship of the quran