Welcome to 2030, I am citizen G3250, being a man had been outlawed by the anti discrimination act of 2025, not using someone’s correct pronouns results in the death penalty, disagreeing with a woman is automatically punishable by public execution and being under 300lbs despite living under socialism is considered as the newly made up crime of “being literally hitler”. The religions Miloism and Shapiroism have been banned and any followers are thrown away in death camps.

White people are now living in ghettos patrolled by the “ASS” (Anti sexist service) and the “Globalist Socialist Earth Workers Party” are in complete control of all matters and are headed by the Führer ‘George Soros’. All references to Hitler and the Nazis in the 20th century have been banned and all books and other documentation destroyed, even I; a simple citizen suspect these laws being decreed could be related to the patterns between now and then, but instead this is on a global scale. My old favourite book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell has been outlawed and viewing this book results in the death penalty carried out by the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Love.

Mark Zuckerberg, leads the Ministry of Truth with an iron Fist and is responsible for the censorship of differing opinions (the people who express these opinions have a weird habit of disappearing). Even as I scribe this in the corner of my house where the telescreen cannot see me scribing my diary, which is also illegal, I suspect I am being monitored by Big Brother. Shit I just dropped my pen right in front of the telescreen….

In this day and age, sex changes are taxpayer funded, Every person is subject to 10 years of service in ANTIFA and the Quran is compulsory to read in primary schools. Any references to the past will result in your mysterious disappearance and your family will not be allowed to remember who you were, your reality is as the party decides and we have an hour long hate session everyday where they display pictures of men with overly dramatic music.

Even as I write this i can hear footsteps racing up the stairs to my apartment, they must have seen what I was doing when I dropped the…


Decreed by Head Minister
Mark Zuckerberg
Ministry of Truth

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