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Alongside out New Series titled TU Activists comes TU Behind the Scenes, where we follow the production of high and low budget films and TV shows around Australia.

This first episode features Paul Moder who is a well-known director in the Melbourne independent film scene, starring in Razor Eaters (2003) and appearing in James Wan’s Original Saw short film. He has been involved in special effects on countless Australian film as well. For his next project he is exploring the deadliest gun massacre Australia has ever seen, The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996.

However, Paul is bringing a unique twist to this film by exploring the conspiracy behind it. Many believe that due to the early confession of Martin Bryant investigators were not given a chance to look at the solid evidence to find out exactly what happened at the time. Factors like the many witnesses not recognizing Martin Bryant as the shooter have also been discussed.

Needless to say, there has been a lot of opposition to the making of this film, but Paul is determined to tell this story and has had much support from members of the community including people whose lives were changed by the event.

WASP- The Port Arthur Massacre is set to finish principle photography in 2019. A release date is yet to be discussed.

Let us know what you think about this film? Is it time to tell this story or is the opposition justified?

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