Binary Australia broke the news last week that Desmond the Amazing the 12-year-old child drag queen is coming to Australia to participate in the Melbourne Drag Expo in August. Desmond will be sharing the stage with many adult drag entertainers.

On a recent episode of WilmsFront, I interviewed Trump-supporting Drag Queen Kitty Demure, we discussed the way this vulnerable young boy Desmond is being promoted by the media as part of the LGBT agenda.

We also exposed the most disturbing video that has been released featuring Desmond where he reads out alt-right hate comments and pretends to snort ketamine.

Also featured with Desmond is this video is convicted murderer Michael Alig who was one of the New York Club Kids who murdered a man over a drug dispute in 1996, chopped up his body while high on heroin and dumped it in the river.

Alig spent 17 years in prison for murder and upon his release in 2014 he has resumed his public career hosting a pop culture YouTube channel with Desmond’s parents seemingly okay with their son hanging around such a man.

Click the video below to see the discussion between myself and Kitty in this WilmsFront Segment uploaded to the Unshackled channel.

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