Former current affairs host Stan Grant this past decade has reinvented himself as an Indigenous rights activist and propagandist. He was the writer of The Australian Dream Documentary about Adam Goodes‘ AFL career which ended with the booing saga.

During the past decade whether it be addressing the National Press Club, appearing on the ABC’s The Drum or Q&A program his lecturing on Aboriginal disadvantage sounds more like street theatre full of empty platitudes, resentment and guilt talk which we have come to expect from the left.

Stan Grant said that people’s wealth in Australia has been built from the suffering of Aboriginal people’s. Firstly, migrant communities know a great deal about suffering.  Try Nazi Germany for a start then for many the Russians after that. Italians, Greeks, Yugoslavs,  Polish, Germans, Czechs, and so on have migrated here and built this nation. The Lebanese escaped a brutal civil war and many Africans have come here escaping from civil wars.

People are free to build wealth for themselves and their families. Stan takes all the benefits of living in a successful multicultural society, has had a career more successful than most Australians but then dumps all over it.

All Stan does is add to the depressing culture of Aboriginal complaint and pours more fuel on the lucrative guilt industry. He expects little of the Aboriginal people and no one dare ask questions and Stan does not answer any questions. No solutions are given except racism being the reason for everything. No accountability is offered and everything is all whitey’s fault you see.

Stan Grant wants Australia to dwell in self-loathing and tries to justify perpetual compensation for Aboriginal communities. What matters to him is ideological purity and deflecting responsibility and blame for social ills to white Australia.

The fact that the left has made everything tenfold worse does not matter. Command and control plus subservience no one is meant to answer any questions. The left has created a giant superstructure of dependence but to Stan, no one dares question that.

Racism will suffice for the left. Everything can be put down to racism. Chasing the shadows of racism will suffice. The only way the left is guaranteed of continual perks and benefits is if the status quo remains unchanged. 

Jacinta Price has their number and she is despised because she wants answers, accountability, jobs and less-dependence. How dare she want answers. Stan Grant says give the money to me. Jacinta is called a coconut by the left.

The left’s answer is made Aboriginals reliant on us and keep chasing the ghosts of racism. The welfare industries for them are simply a command and control mechanism to keep people down.

The left love to destroy self-reliance, make people dependent on government, and unable to take care of themselves. The Aboriginal superstructure is not meant to work. It is not designed to.

What we have in Australia is cultural apartheid. Special grants, hunting rights, Aboriginal dental clinics and health clinics, Aboriginal only services and so on.

All Australians are subjected to endless Welcome to Country introductions, we acknowledge the traditional owners moments, symbolism and rituals. The Aboriginal flag is also a potent symbol of guilt merchandising with a patent.

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