WATCH: Pauline Hanson Exposes $105 million dollar Greenie Power Scandal


A statement from Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain:

The Federal and State Government have blown $105 million dollars (that we know of) on a failed solar farm that never produced a single milliamp of electricity.

Right now, 3000 solar panels are being busted up and thrown into skip bins, ready for landfill at the Kogan Creek Power Station.

It’s crazy to think the panels were never used! Not once.

$105 million dollars of your tax money, you know what, up against a wall.

This farm is conveniently tucked away behind Queensland’s largest single unit, coal-fired power station that supplies electricity to Queensland and New South Wales.

How can any Government use your tax dollars to subsidise a failed scheme?

At this point in time, our nations baseload power is only achievable through coal-fired generators and until advances in battery storage and solar take place, we must build new, HELE (High-Efficiency, Low Emission) coal-fired power plants for cheap power.”

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