Tucker Carlson Condemns Continued Killing Of White Farmers In South Africa


Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemns the killings of white farmers in South Africa and media cover up of the ongoing ethnocide.  He described the situation as “racist violence” aimed at white farmers. 

Recently, a third victim, winemaker Stefan Smit was murdered in Cape Winelands.  Thereby, sparking fears that the area has become a hotspot for farm attacks. 

Smit had been openly critical of the threat of land grabs on his property – a large estate in Stellenbosch, Western Cape – South Africa’s most famous wine region. 

In March, Smit was interviewed about the predicament of white farm owners in the country’s wine region. 

However, the newspaper denounced reports of forced takeover and murders as “false or exaggerated allegations”.

Carlson stressed that hundreds of white farmers have been killed, some of whom were tortured before being murdered.

However, the South African government has not taken any action against the killings. The government maintains that it is “working to change the country laws in order to seize land without compensation”.

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, has denounced the violence against farmers, but farming groups still accuse the party of not doing enough to stop it.

“And skin color is a central motivation here,” the Fox News host said, stating the obvious.

“Nobody denies that. Let’s be clear about what is happening. This is racist violence, as brutal and horrifying and indefensible as anything that happened under Apartheid.

“Last year, the New York Times called this show immoral for even suggesting that farm murders might be a problem. But there is one problem for the Times: Their own interview subjects are getting murdered.”

Carlson also shared the following information:

“On the same day Smit was murdered, an elderly couple’s house was broken into on a farm nearby. Three black armed suspects gained entry to the house and threatened the two occupants, both aged 70. They are yet to be arrested.”

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