Vote for Sonia Kruger for the Gold Logie


Voting for the 2017 TV Week Logie Awards is open until Sunday 18th December. Even if you have never voted before or don’t watch much TV you should make the time to vote for just one person. The bravest presenter on Australian television; Sonia Kruger co-host of Today Extra and the Voice.

Her call for a ban on Muslim immigration this year, followed two weeks later by calling out the absurdity of awarding scholarships on the basis of sexuality on national television, spoke for the silent majority of ordinary Australians. The media and entertainment industry has long been dominated by people on the left who look down on the average person. This meant that Sonia’s statements could potentially be career threatening. But to her credit she did not back down nor did Channel Nine punish her in any way. Social media was outraged that someone in her position could hold these opinions, but on the comments sections of news websites the comments were almost universally supportive.

The Logie Awards are currently voted for online and unlike previous years you do not have to buy a copy of TV Week, just click the link here. Sonia can be voted for in three categories;  the Gold Logie; Best Personality on Australian Television; and Silver Logie for Best Presenter.

In the program categories, you can vote for one the shows she hosts ‘Today Extra’ in the Best News Panel or a Current Affairs Program category.

Last year these awards were won in the individual category by Waleed Aly and by the Project in the program category. Waleed with his constant denigration of the Australian people and culture as well as being an apologist for radical Islam, via his platform on the Project and he couldn’t even resist having a swipe at so called racist Australia in his acceptance speech.

Awards ceremonies in Australia have long been captured by the political left and cultural elites. No better demonstration of this is the Australian of the Year Award which is now almost exclusively awarded to social justice and left wing activists who use their awards to preach to the rest of Australia how they need to change their backward and bigoted ways.

However unlike the Australian of the Year which is decided by a selection panel of left wing cultural leaders, the Logie Awards can still be voted for by the Australian people. We should use the opportunity to begin to take our culture, arts and entertainment from the control of the left. What better message would it send to the media class that ordinary Australians like celebrities who speak the truth, tell it like it is and represent their views?

It does not matter who you vote for in the other categories, voting for Sonia Kruger in the three categories is the important thing. 2016 has been the year that ordinary people not just in Australia but around the world have begun to take back the destiny and direction of their countries.

The cultural wars are a part of this, while the Logie Awards are small, it is an awards ceremony which is seen as a judgement on the television we consume. Let’s make our voices heard, vote now!

Photo by Eva RinaldiFlickr used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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