Weak Convictions Leads to Socialist Utopia


The greatest threat to our future and our values comes from the very people who support the widely-accepted core Western values of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty. That statement may seem strange, but why are the people who support these ideals and values a threat?

The answer is simple; it is through a lack of conviction in our own very ideals and values that is enabling them to be corroded away by a very powerful and vocal extreme left. Each and every time an individual, politician, group or organisation panders to these social justice warriors, a little more of who we are gets wiped away and we find ourselves walking quicker towards a Marxist Socialist Utopia, also known as the death of Western civilisation.

The people pushing the Marxist agenda have done so brilliantly; it has been done over decades. They infiltrated political parties, educational institutes and the mass media. Giving them control over legislation, the minds of our youth and a large audience via the media.

Every education facility is now a mass production line, pumping out brainwashed indoctrinated citizens. Words and ideas such as checking your privilege are thrown around throughout educational facilities. The idea of privilege is that you have gained an unearned and unfair advantage compared with other people because of the sex or race you were born, and/or the religion, sexuality or societal wealth bracket you identify with. It’s a form of abuse that the far left use to guilt people into thinking they have been blessed with advantages that other unfortunate people do not have, therefore you need to do all you can to fight these social injustices.

I personally experienced a conversation with a 17-year-old girl who was getting ready for her high school formal. She had some issues with her dress not being the perfect fit. She then expressed that she felt guilty about getting upset because she was privileged and other less fortunate people don’t even get to go to formals. She seemed more upset with herself over allowing herself to get upset over the dress. The guilt that came with the privileged concept was overwhelming. A simple normal rational reaction to a disappointing event was compounded by the indoctrination that she had experienced during her school years.

Just a few days ago, a report was released by youth mental health service Orygen, which found that suicide rates among young Australians are at the highest level in 10 years. Are we surprised when the extreme left is using educational facilities to indoctrinate our youth into feeling guilty, just because of who they are? Then to make matters worse the concept of being triggered has been introduced into the psyche of our youth. This is where the concept is taught that certain statements, subjects and/or beliefs trigger people and should be avoided, or at the very least warned about before discussing.

Many colleges in the United States now commonly have trigger warnings before academic debates take place on certain subjects. But it goes further than just warnings, with actual action being taken to shut down academic debate on delicate subjects across campuses worldwide, out of the fear that something may offend. This comes back to the original concept of the article, that our political correctness and lack of strength to stand up to our own convictions is creating an insane socialist utopia.

One example of the insanity gripping our worldwide educational institutes occurred at the esteemed Yale University in the United States. It was just before Halloween in 2015 when Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee send out a campus wide email asking students to ensure that their Halloween costumes were not seen to have used cultural appropriation and/or misrepresentation, as this would be offensive. This of course created a major media storm, especially after Yale lecturer Erika Christakis accused the email of potentially stifling free speech and open debate.

What we are seeing here is a clear agenda of our educational institutes forgetting about their core reason for existing, which is to educate our youth on the chosen subject matter and instead meddling in social norms, interactions and lifestyles. It seems that every educational facility now believes they have the right to tell us what we can say, how we can live and even what we can wear.

With all the trigger warnings and politically correct stifling of free speech, another concept has sprung up within our educational facilities: Safe Spaces. These Safe Spaces are being rolled out across educational facilities worldwide. A Safe Space is a place where anyone can relax and withdraw from the academic space where they feel they have been marginalised, harassed or triggered. The concept of Safe Spaces is to have a room where these people can go to feel safe from the world, to recoup and get back to class and life.

While the concept of Safe Spaces was meant to see a small space set aside for these individuals, the concept seems to be taking hold campus wide in many universities, turning the entire university into one big giant safe space. A group of leading British academics have warned that British Universities are disrupting free speech and becoming too politically correct.

“A whole generation of students is being denied the intellectual challenges of debating conflicting views because self-censorship is turning campuses into over-sanitised safe spaces” they said.

This brings us back to two key points of this article; the first goes back to the rising youth suicide rates. When our educational facilities stifle free-speech and create an environment of trigger warnings and safe spaces, it severely limits the individual development of the essential life skills required to actively handle, survive and be a part of the real world. As a result of this environment, isn’t it only natural that our youth look for the easy way out when they have always been brought up wrapped in cotton wool?

The second point is that it is our very own self-censorship that is creating the socialist utopia that we see today. This growing politically correct mentality that is infecting every aspect of society is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the extreme left to implement their Marxism plan.

A perfect example of the pandering to the extreme left occurred last week when the Uniting Church decided to remove the word “Christ” and the symbol of the cross as part of a rebranding exercise to avoid criticism over child sex abuse. It is very well-known that the destruction of religion is one of the core philosophies of Marxism. Now we all know there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse taking place at the moment, a very much needed investigation. But whatever this investigation finds, it is about evil people who have used their positions of power to prey on vulnerable children, this has nothing to do with Christ or the Cross.

The question has to be asked, if a religious organisation removes all religious images and words from its branding, then how can it be considered a religious organisation anymore? It does not matter if you are a Christian, Buddhist or a Hindu because the moment an organisation panders to the left in such a way, they completely deny their religion and give up their freedom, in particular the right of freedom of religion.

The Uniting Church’s total lack of convictions is a concern to us all, including atheists.  Whilst freedom of religion may not be important to some, it’s just another freedom being stripped away, impacting all who believe in freedom and liberty.  We simply cannot continue to pander to the extreme left. It’s time to stand up for our convictions.

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