BREXIT: Corbyn wants an amendment…


Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour Party are planning to make an amendment to the official legislation outlining the kingdom’s exit from the European Union. In a bid to maintain access to Europe’s markets and employment and environmental regulations, these plans come amid the Supreme Court decision regarding the triggering of Article 50 is just about to begin.

While Corbyn and his party “respect the result of the referendum”, they will “put forward an amendment to it, about market access and protections” when Article 50 is debated and discussed.

Corbyn used hallmark left-wing arguments to try and support this decision, such as his concern for decreases in wages, public expenditure and living standards in the UK that he believes will result from Brexit. One would expect a statesman to be against public expenditure in order to allow his/her country to live within its means. Not Corbyn. He joins his leftist cabal in shamelessly opposing the Conservative government’s commitment to allow Britain to live within her means and avoid a national crisis by lowering public expenditure.

One would also expect a competent statesman to support company tax reductions in order to fuel prosperity by encouraging greater economic growth during a period like Brexit. Yet, Corbyn makes clear his talents of being everything but competent by further flaunting his Socialist desire to scrape as many pounds as possible from hard-working Brits and have as much government control as possible of the economy.

Corbyn also stated “two-thirds of Labour voters voted Remain”, using this as an excuse to interfere with the decision, as well as portraying his commitment to ignoring the fact that a majority voted to exit the EU.

However, Corbyn openly disagreed with Tony Blair’s assertion that the Brexit result can be reversed. He also stated his intent to avoid blocking Article 50.

SkyNews has learnt that the government is trying to draft a bill to prevent any amendments from being made to the Brexit legislation. Any attempt at making amendments may also lengthen the process.

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