TU Exclusive- Senator Fraser Anning Statement Sri Lanka Bombing


Senator Fraser Anning has given The Unshackled an exclusive statement regarding the heinous attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. These attacks which you can read more about HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, have seen seven arrested and at least 207 killed and 400 injured at hotels and churches across the country.

Australian Senator Fraser Anning :

The horrific attack in Christchurch was committed by a lone wolf, an unstable individual who acted for no other reason than that of hate. His despicable actions were rightly condemned and there has been a concerted effort by those in charge to stop such an act occurring again.

Today in Sri Lanka innocent Christian worshippers have been systematically murdered during Easter services. The perpetrators of these horrific acts were Muslim extremists. We have seen similar acts in the Phillipines, Nigeria and Syria. These acts have been committed by groups of extremists who all follow the same dangerous ideology.

This is what makes Islam and those who follow it a threat to our nation, our citizens and our Australian identity. The Islam of the Sri Lankan extremists is no different to the Islam of Man Haron Monis (Lindt Café Siege), Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar (killed Curtis Cheng, an unarmed police civilian finance worker), or Hassan Khalif Shire Ali (Somalia-born Shire Ali stabbed three men, including 74-year-old Italian restaurateur Sisto Malaspina who died).”

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