Scott Morrison Second Politician to Be Egged


We warned those both on the left and the right after they cheered on the egging of Fraser Anning by teenage Will Connolly that a precedent had been set that this was an acceptable practice. Connolly who became known as EggBoy only received a caution from Victoria Police for his assault of a politician.

Therefore it should come as no shock to anyone that another egging of a politician has occurred, no one less than Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It occurred this morning at a Country Women’s Association event in Albury.

A young women, who did not look like your typical CWA attendee attempted to emulate Connolly by cracking an egg on Scott Morrison’s head, but the egg failed to break and instead bounced off his head onto the ground. Scott Morrison can be seen holding the back of his head.

To avoid any slap back as Anning gave EggBoy she attempted to bolt from the room but unlike when Anning was egged security was on the scene immediately to tackle her and escort her out. An elderly woman was knocked to the ground this scuffle.

Scott Morrison did not comment about the egging to the media immediately after but instead put out a statement on social media comparing the egging to violence by militant vegans and unionists.

The alleged egger turned herself into police and said Morrison deserved it for holding people in offshore detention. Antifa activists as they did with Anning have been celebrating this egging.


Conservative commentators Chris Kenny, Peta Credlin and Paul Murray have all condemned the egging calling it a disgrace. It only took the Prime Minister being egged for many to now realize this is not an okay practice.

It will be interesting to see what the charges and eventual punishment against the alleged egg thrower turn out to be now that it is a practice no longer carried out on political outcasts like Fraser Anning. Other politicians will not want to fear being egged while out in public.

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