Nationalists Unveil ‘Vote No’ Banner on Brisbane Bridge


Rallies supporting same sex marriage were held today in Brisbane and Sydney. The mainstream media eagerly reported that thousands were in attendance and life stories and messages of the speakers. The Sydney rally it should be noted was an entirely left wing affair as it was sponsored by the likes of GetUp and Union Pride and had in its line up of speakers Bill Shorten and Sally McManus. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull held his own low key ‘Yes’ campaign event in Sydney today.

Of course same sex marriage rallies are allowed to take place peacefully and nobody is deterred from attending out of fear of assault or social orchestration. It’s not so easy to hold a rally supporting traditional marriage, but nevertheless a group of Sydney residents were not deterred and held a March for Marriage in the Sydney CBD on Saturday. Thankfully there were no leftist thugs out to attack the peaceful marchers.

This was not the case on Thursday evening in Brisbane when same sex marriage advocates attempted to disrupt a church meeting discussing the Safe Schools program. Let us also remember leftist antics when Margaret Court attended a Liberal Party fundraiser in Melbourne back in June.

But given that same sex marriage is such an important question to consider nobody should fear putting forth point of view in the public sphere. One such organisation that is not afraid is the the Australian Traditional Nationalist Group or Austranati based in Brisbane, one of the emerging new nationalist movements in Australia. They previously covered Brisbane in traditional marriage posters which were very respectful yet triggered same sex marriage supporters and the leftist media to no end who claimed they are Nazis.

Today in response to the rally is Brisbane they decided to unveil a ‘vote no’ banner on the Southbank Bridge.

In statement provided to the Unshackled Austranati stated they “acknowledge the left’s #respectfuldebate which is why we have peacefully expressed our views in the form of a simple banner. This is to counter the tens of thousands of dollars worth of funding going towards the yes vote – and only the yes vote. Because nothing screams fair debate louder than one side being completely funded and advocated for by our institutions and establishments that claim they want a fair vote. Austranati will not back down on our protection of traditional marriage and will continue to do so in the future”.

They also plan to hold their own traditional marriage rally in Brisbane. Of course same sex marriage advocates can brag all they like about how large their rallies are but this plebiscite will be decided by actual votes cast by Australians. It remains to be seen whether all this support for same sex marriage we are told exists to Australia comes to fruition in this vote or if we will see a silent majority too scared to air their views publicly vote to keep traditional marriage.

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