Bill Shorten Feeling Pressure Getting Desperate- Gaffe after gaffe


From “mishearing” a 34 Billion dollar question on superannuation, to an awkward “school holidays remark”, Bill Shorten is starting to get desperate. These aren’t the only gaffe’s we have seen in the last few days, there are more serious issues emerging such as the re-jigging of the policy section of the Labor website.

What was that all about?

Remember Labor’s so-called gold standard negative gearing
and capital gains tax policies? Well if you go to the official campaign website,
you will find that someone has gone into the bowls of the website admin
section, ripped out the policies which had the years of consultation and economic
analysis plugged into the data, ripped it out and has been replaced it with simplified
“fact sheets” with key details stripped out.

Newspaper said “Labor previously had almost 100 paragraphs
posted on its housing policy, including charts and diagrams explaining the
negative gearing and capital gains wind back, but this was reduced to just 10
paragraphs yesterday.”

Today in a heated exchange, Bill Shorten would not answer
questions related to the drama over the economic costings of Labor’s climate
change policy.

This comes at a time when Bill Shorten is being flanked by the Australian Greens, whose leader Richard Di Natale is now making threats that they don’t get left high and dry in the coming election.

“I have reached out to Bill Shorten. It is up to him to
decide whether he wants to continue to ignore the Greens. He does that at his
peril,” Di Natale told ABC TV on Sunday.  

Let’s see what Bill Shorten will do next, but these super gaffe’s have not helped him at all. They are ruining whatever credibility Labor had built up over the last few years.

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