The Unshackled’s Tasmanian Election Night Livestream – Saturday 3rd March 2018


The Unshackled continued its coverage in 2018 of Australia elections with our Tasmanian Election Night Livestream on Saturday 3rd March 2018 that was broadcast live on our Facebook page. It began at 6pm AEDT and continued until 10pm AEDT. This is an edited version of the livestream on our YouTube channel.

Part of the panel throughout the evening was Editor in Chief of The Unshackled Tim Wilms, Chief Correspondent Steele Archer and Unshackled Contributor Michael Smyth.

The election result was somehwhat unpredictable with Tasmania using the Hare-Clark electoral system but the incumbent Will Hodgman government were returned to majority government with Labor failing to pick up many seats and the Green vote collapsing.

It is the first election in a bumper election year for Australia with in two weeks time the South Australian state election and Batman by election. Later in the year there is the Victorian state election and possibly a federal election which The Unshackled will also cover.

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