Monty Python star John Cleese defends “London is not an English city anymore” & Brexit Stance


John Cleese has caused a stir on Twitter this morning after he tweeted about London not being an “English city anymore”. This was taken from an original comment he had made years back on an ABC show.

John Cleese, 79, who has 5.6 million followers on Twitter said the following:

The Fawlty Towers star has openly supported Brexit and previously referred to the country’s debate as “one of the most depressing things about this country”.

And elaborating on his reasons why he voted Leave, he added: “I don’t want to be ruled by Brussels bureaucrats who want to create a super state.

“I was pro-Brexit for that reason. If I had three words to sum up why we had to get out of Europe, they would be: Jean-Claude Juncker.”

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