No Snowflakes Pub Night Launches Conservative Social Scene


Social media personalities Avi Yemini and Sydney Watson held the much anticipated No Snowflakes Pub Night in Melbourne last night. It was the first time either of them had held a formal private event. Holding any type of event requires a lot of organisation for it to be a success, but if the event has a conservative bent, especially if it is located in Melbourne then extra work (and often expense) must be undertaken to ensure it is able to be held in safety.

Avi Yemini has over 146,000 followers on Facebook and has also been featured in the mainstream media which means he has attracted a lot enemies from the left for his activism, even from his own Jewish community. The venue was kept secret until the week of the event but as they always do the left and Antifa like groups found out it was being held at Arcadia Hotel in South Yarra.

They did threaten to protest the event, however, all they could muster in the end was leaving a series of 1-star reviews on the hotel’s Facebook page (yes that will certainly ruin them). We all responded by leaving five-star reviews (make sure you do too) which left-wing activists decided to troll as well.

The turnout was impressive with the upstairs function room full. When there’s a large queue to get a drink that’s a sign that an event is going well. Avi and Sydney gave brief speeches talking about the need for young people to be engaged in activism and political discussion, the event was designed for those aged 18-35. The audience was also given a ‘Shake it Off’ rendition by President Trump. Given the success of the night, the pair wants to expand the pub night format to other cities.

As we were introducing ourselves to people around the room we learned that many people had come alone and it was the first type of political-themed event they’d been to. A common theme was that they were too scared at work or with friends to tell them their real views on political and cultural issues and were grateful that at last, they could be around like-minded people. It is sad that the chilling effect against expressing conservative views has seeped throughout all of our society.

We met many other alt-media personalities such as El Dia Opina and the Young Conservative, as well as familiar faces we had seen at other events. Many told us they followed the Unshackled which was pleasing to hear. The time flew by and before we knew it was close to midnight when the function room was to be closed.

The room was abuzz all night with stimulating discussion and many new friendships were formed, the night certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. There will certainly be more similar events in the future and was an important step in helping to build a stronger like-minded conservative community and social scene.

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