Tim Soutphommasane Is Worried About Too Many White People on Australian Television

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Now that Australia has voted yes to same sex marriage the left need to find something else wrong with Australia. And nobody is better at this than our Race Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission Tim Soutphommasane. He is constantly telling us how horrible, bigoted and racist we are.

He was able to do this again today with a study released by Ebiquity in partnership with SBS that apparently our television screens have been whitewashed and don’t reflect the rich cultural diversity of Australia.

According to the study 76% of Australian television content all-white casts, 14% had white and one other ethnic actor, 5% had white and two or more ethnic actors, and only 5% featured no Caucasian actors at all (yes apparently it is terrible that there are two few Australian shows where white people are completely banished). 77% of television advertisements also had all-white casts.

This study concludes that these statistics prove Australian television is not diverse due to the fact that 49% of the population are either born overseas or have parents born abroad. Of course people who were born or have parents born overseas can be white, if they had been paying attention to the dual citizenship saga all the politicians being found ineligible have all been white and had citizenship of another majority white country.

Of course no doubt the television industry being firmly part of the cultural left will act divisively to end this apparent racism rampant under its nose. It is always interesting that it is the leftist institutions no matter how hard they try to be politically correct and celebrate diversity they are never immune from being labelled racist, sexist or any other form of bigotry It was only a short time ago the media industry was also accused of having a large gender wage gap following Lisa Wilkinson’s demand for a larger pay packet. Let us also remember even Bill Shorten was accused of racism for his Australian jobs first commercial because the extras were all too white.

While we are still a majority white country it should not be a surprise to anyone that depiction of them in our media continues to be high. But it would seem it is only race baiters like Soutphommasane who haven’t noticed that we have already seen an increasing cultural diversity in our media in the course of this century.Let us not forget his disgusting anti-racism commercial launched last month which portrays white women as being inconsiderate to people of colour in everyday life.

Of course complaining about too many white people or them being successful is what is fashionable for the left at the moment and calling it out as led to Mark Latham being before the Federal Court being sued by Junkee’s Osman Faruqi for Latham accusing him of engaging in constant anti-white racism. One would just wish these people would actually find real problems to worry about instead of constantly being worried about there being too many white people.



  • Stewart Lowe

    This is the stupidity of ‘multiculturalism” we have a non-white foreign born ring-in telling us how to run a European, cultural-Christian nation-state…let him get knotted.

  • Olrence

    If increasing racial diversity on TV is so very important, couldn’t they simply broadcast CRIMESTOPPERS 5 nights a week? Problem solvered.

  • Lord Nifty

    Love how it conflates skin colour with place of birth. Nice slight of hand there. And wouldn’t assuming someone is a certain skin colour because they are from a certain place be considered racist?

  • Albert Robinson

    Soooooo Tim, where do you get the name Tim from ? thats not your real name is it ?
    what gives you the right to even voice an opinion on advertising and tv content ? your people watch their own tv from satellite dont they ? Very interesting to see the race card being pulled out here … which country do you represtnt Timmy boy ? and which country pays your wages ?

  • Warwick Robertson

    NO WHITE HONKIES…………is that racist? Can we solve racism with more racism? Do two wrongs make a right?

    • Jobbie Boak

      two Wongs don’t make a White.

  • Jobbie Boak

    Great. The HRC run by an anti-White Noggie bastard.

  • 1sittingduck1

    3 out of 4 commercials feature all white actors because 75% of the population are of European origin – simple mathematics Tim. Don`t go looking for issues where none exist.