Patriot Blue’s Day Trip to Melbourne

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One of Australia’s newest nationalist groups Patriot Blue has made it one of its core missions to give the left a taste of their own medicine. Patriot Blue was founded by former United Patriots Front member Neil Erikson who was also one of the Bendigo Three who were found guilty under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for a mock beheading video earlier this year.

To date Patriot Blue’s main activity has been to disrupt inner Melbourne Council meetings following the decisions of the Darebin, Moreland and Yarra Councils to remove all references to Australia Day. The disruption of a Moreland Council meeting on 11th October involved them bringing into the council chambers a coffin draped in the Australia flag, a confrontation ensured where Erickson accused Moreland mayor Helen Davidson of grabbing him by the neck.

Yesterday Patriot Blue made another trip to Melbourne for two stops to confront known leftists. The first was at the leftist protestors outside the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Melbourne. Leftists have been protesting at Immigration Department offices around Australia all week during the federal government’s scheduled closure of the Manus Island Detention Centre. On Melbourne Cup Day they took their protests even further by driving a car on the train line to Flemington Racecourse with the intention to punish racegoers for what they saw as their complicity in the federal government’s actions and calling for sanctions against Australia.

Erikson and the other members of Patriot Blue in their usual confrontational style chanted at the protesters ‘sore losers, shut the fuck up!’ ‘get a job’ and ‘no rapefugees’.

While they are not afraid to get in these leftists faces and many would consider their actions provocative they never engage in physical contact with these leftists, the same can’t be said for the left themselves. After leftists try and push them away police outside the Department usher them away and the counter protest is ended, unlike the left Patriot Blue once they have had their say peacefully leave. The left meanwhile seem to have no hesitation continuing to harass and distress people working at the Immigration Department.

Their next stop was confronting Labor Senator Sam Dasytari in a Melbourne restaurant, also present was the Federal Labor Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts. They aim to be as provocative as possible as they call Dastyari a ‘terrorist’ and ‘monkey’ and suggest he ‘go back to Iran’.

Patriot Blue defended their language in Facebook post following the confrontation stating that if Dastyari is going to call them a racist with no evidence then they will call him a terrorist.

Throughout the video references are made to Dastyari’s Chinese connections, their response to being called racists by Dastyari is to ask him ‘what race is Islam’ and if ‘is he a Muslim?’. Tim Watts MP decides to interject asking Patriot Blue ”what race is a dickhead?’. An unknown woman sitting with the pair states that their employer would not think highly of their actions which they interpreted as a threat to get them fired. The video finishes with Dastyari complaining about how these patriots follow him wherever he goes.

Of course Dastyari eager to portray himself as a victim of horrible racists and to gain further media exposure for himself reposted the video on his personal Facebook page, despite claiming he doesn’t want to give these people oxygen.

Many critics of Patriot Blue would argue this constituted public intimidation of a public official. However unlike leftists when they protest in front of conservative politicians Patriot Blue never sought to obstruct the movements of Dastyari or touch him. Dastyari was still able to order his drink and sit down for his meal with his associates without any need for a security escort and Patriot Blue left once they had their say.

Of course the left will now argue that patriots (or Nazis as they like to scream) are now terrorizing them on the streets of Melbourne and probably tweet to their friends to ‘stay safe’. Of course the left have been using such tactics on the streets for many years and many would argue its about time they got a bit back. Patriot Blue appears to want to make it clear that the streets do not belong to the left who can no longer beat the ordinary citizen into submission.

  • Shanghai Sam answers only to his Chinese minders and of course, his master President Xi Jinping.

  • Jeff James

    I am a proud Australian.But this country is stuffed.Just look at Germany.
    Thank God not Allah that the 1970s were much better than today.I worked hard for 40yrs and now in my retirement.I see so much wrong with Aussie.
    And we are not multi cultural…We Australia is multi racial.They cant and wont evern speek the Queens english.And live in there enclave suburds eg Auburn.
    The country is being sucked dry.
    Most polititions are just plain down right tratiors with there faces in the pig trough.
    Thats enough the joints depressing enough.
    Good Luck Australia your stuffed.
    Jeff James. A proud white Aussie..

    • Willy

      Listen here you: No one is a Aussie in Australia anymore the country is for the politicians and Lawyers and big companies. The solicitors will get you if you have a divorce you have to give your partner 50% to 70% if you got kids and nothing left for just to rent a room and pay for a little food all that hard earned money down the drain, that’s proberly why many don’t want to work they know the democratic system is not playing fair, its all a con and money for the elite the rest live in their shanty brick veneer 8 feet ceiling houses which sit on sticks the elite live in double brick 12 feet ceiling homes with four garages and swimming pool sometimes above the garages. We’re nothin’ mate nothin white or black so I hope this has opened your eyes.

      • Jeff James

        Hi Whilly.Yes i agree with you.Thats what i ment when i said the country is stuffed.
        My best mate was in a good relationship and happy worked hard and provided for the wife and kids.
        She meet a bloke took of and you know the rest.He is hart broken and left to pay the bills while she has a ball.
        Just another example of a stuffed country.

  • Minging

    I prefer the term Snack Pack Sam.