Pauline Hanson Refuses to Condemn Patriot Blue

The mainstream media, political establishment and even some conservative commentators have condemned Patriot Blue and its leader Neil Erikson for their confrontation of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari yesterday. It has dominated the morning’s news cycle and opinion online has been divided with some claiming Dastyari finally copped some back while others believed it did not help the patriot cause.

Dastyari claimed the incident was the result of white nationalist groups being empowered by our political leaders, what we can expect if 18C is repealed and is what leads to incidents such as Charlottesville and compared it to when Tony Abbott. Neil Erikson in his media appearances has refused to back down and denied being a racist, he has called Dastyari a “sook” for his reaction. Erikson has also refused to rule out confronting other politicians.

But one political leader has refused to condemn Patriot Blue and that is One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, she stated that Dastyari is a big boy and she doesn’t really see anything serious in the incident. She accused Dastyari of using the incident to promote his book and that respect of politicians need to be earned. Not holding back from her dislike of Dastyari stating she had no time for him, she also used the opportunity to call him Mr Bean which is online nickname for him.

While it can be agreed that Erikson and Patriot Blue’s actions were provocative they still behaved much better than your average leftist who has no hesitation in resorting to violence.

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