Fast – Outside the Trial of the Bendigo Three

The Unshackled was in attendance outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for day one of the trial of the Bendigo three on Monday 4th September 2017. Blair Cottrell, Christopher Shortis and Neil Erikson were today found guilty of offending Muslims under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for their 2015 mock beheading stunt in Bendigo and fined $2000 each. It is a law that is an affront to freedom of speech.

Outside the court supporters of the three were in attendance but so were your typical Melbourne leftist thug counter protestors aiming to intimate the supporters gathered and to deter anyone else who might like to have come, but those gathered gave it right back to these leftist thugs. As well as their usual cries of Nazi and fascist their disruption tactics caused traffic to be blocked off and further police resources to be called upon.

It was ironic that these leftists accused the trio of having the blessing of our governments to carry out their activism when the case was brought forward by Victorian Government who appeared to believe that mocking beheadings carried out in nations such as Saudi Arabia and carried out by Islamic terror organizations should be interpreted as offensive. Not to mention that the Federal Government is doing everything in its power to appease Islam.  It is dark times for freedom in Victoria and Australia at large.

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