Many Australians are leaving the country due to its excessive covid rules and far too much communism in general. It’s overwhelmed them and they’ve cracked.

In this video below hear the story of an Australian man who has recently left Australia for Mexico. Tony was bullied by Victoria Police for being active in the covid protest movement in Melbourne and now has had to flee.

Even though international travel has been difficult these past two years many people have jumped through the hurdles in order to get their freedom from oppressive governments not just from Australia but from other countries too.

The country of choice for these peoples has been Mexico as it has no fly in covid rules. It’s as if it’s 2019 there. Although due to so many covid refugees going there and trying to stay the government has made it difficult to get the standard 6-month visa they used to easily give out in the past. They are trying to pressure people into leaving by giving out 30 day Visas although with the right connections and a few thousand dollars it does appear that citizenship in Mexico isn’t too hard to get.

Canadians clearly have the highest number of covid refugees from what I could see. It appears that the Commonwealth countries are controlling their citizens the most, annoying them the most, and they are fleeing as these people want none of this covid rubbish.

Although Mexico is the place of choice for these freedom lovers most of the country does have covid rules which foreigners find surprising, like masks on public transport, masks at indoor shops, temperature checks, entry/exit lanes, social distancing markers but the extreme freedom violating rules like no jab no work mandates and lockdowns do not exist.

Usually employment brings and keeps people in certain areas so it makes sense that anti-vaxers are fleeing these vaccine forcing countries since they have no job to go to and with a depression-like economy (which we are in) the odds of them finding another job are real low, so why shouldn’t they flee overseas? There’s nothing to lose.

These freedom lovers have found pockets of Mexico where they do not enforce mask-wearing and these places are full of expats, covid refugees, and travelers who simply don’t know what they are doing and are just buying time until they decide what to do with their lives in this new world order.

Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, and Acapulco seem to be the places of choice for these people, they are on the West Coast of Mexico and have fantastic weather. The famous Cancun (think Gold Coast) type places have too many covid rules for them.

Now with a world war looking like a possibility, the future certainly is uncertain and we can only wait and see if the covid overactions by governments are dropped. So for the time being these people just have to wait and see what happens although I think that even if rules are dropped which does appear to be happening these people will not forget what their governments are capable of and many will probably never go back.

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