The Annual Unshackler Awards: 2018 Cis-White Male Of The Year Award


It’s that time of year again where we look back and remember last year for what it was.

The annual Unshackler Awards is a series of 10 Awards to be released over coming weeks to remember the good and the bad as we break the chains of control.

Now it’s time to publicly praise the toughest cis-white males nominated by The Unshackled team. Then you the public get to reduce it down to just one: The “2018 Cis-White Male of the Year Award” which will be announced on Australia Day.

And The Nominees Are:

2018 Cis-White Male Of The Year

  • Tommy Robinson (53%, 231 Votes)
  • Cory Bernardi (11%, 46 Votes)
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (9%, 40 Votes)
  • Tony Abbott (9%, 39 Votes)
  • Peter Dutton (6%, 25 Votes)
  • David Leyonhjelm (5%, 21 Votes)
  • Brett Kavanaugh (4%, 19 Votes)
  • Boris Johnson (2%, 8 Votes)
  • Mike Pence (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Barry O’Sullivan (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 434

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David Leyonhjelm is one of the loudest voices for freedom in the Australian Parliament. He has spearheaded a Senate inquiry into the nanny state and called out the public health lobby’s various ideas to take away our individual rights. He has stood up for free speech advocating for the repeal of 18C which included his mock complaint against being called an ‘angry white male’. He stood up for thousands of shooters in opposing the Alder shot gun ban against a barrage of hysteria from the political and media elites. Not afraid of offending people he has told whiny progressives and feminists to f*ck off and has not backed down.

Tommy Robinson is a British values and anti-Islamism activist. He was summarily sentenced to 13 months in prison in May after being found in contempt of court for filming outside a Muslim gang grooming trial. The fact that he was so speedily sentenced and there was an initial suppression of even reporting on his imprisonment in the UK led man to see him as a political prisoner for exposing too much about these Muslim grooming gangs. These gangs have ruined the lives of thousands of native British girls in its major cities. This unjust imprisonment led to the worldwide Free Tommy movement which included numerous passionate rallies in the UK and around the western world, including in Australia. Tommy was released from prison in August after an appellate court granted a retrial. Since regaining his freedom Tommy has become involved in the Brexit Betrayal movement and is attempting to obtain membership of UKIP and was appointed an advisor to current leader Gerard Batten. This triggered previous leader Nigel Farage who quit the party in protest but Tommy’s involvement has revitalised UKIP’s declining membership.

Brett Kavanaugh is the newly confirmed Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was nominated by President Donald Trump to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh was not considered by legal analysts to be a Justice who would steer Supreme Court rulings in favour of conservatives. But because he was nominated by President Trump in their view Kavanaugh’s confirmation would mean the conservatives would rule the Supreme Court for a generation and overturn their prized right to abortion which was ruled in Roe vs Wade in 1973. As a result Kavanaugh was subjected to the worst slander and character assassination imaginable which began when university professor Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexual misconduct at a party in 1982 when they were teenagers. Despite Kavanaugh stating he had never met Ford, never gone to such a party and was a virgin in his youth, he was the most high-profile male victim of the #believewomen mentality which grew from the #metoo movement. Ford later said she would not pursue the matter criminally but was reportedly signing a book deal to tell more about this supposed sexual assault. Despite the Democrats and feminists claiming that Kavanaugh’s conformation would trigger sexual assault survivors, whether the allegations were true or not the Senate still confirmed him 50 to 48 votes. This showed that the feminists lies and hysteria can still be defeated and common sense prevail.

Tony Abbott is the member for Warringah and ex Prime Minister of Australia. He achieved many things during his short term as leader but his reign was short lived as he was knifed by Malcolm Turnbull. He is known to be one of the key conservative figures within the Liberal Party that are trying to stop the infiltration from the left from within. He was successful at keeping the boats out, and spoke out on issues that resonated with every day Australians. Someone that connected with the people and is still seen as a hero amongst the party base.

Peter Dutton is the Liberal federal member for the seat of Dickson and is the current Home Affairs Minister in the Morrison Government. He continued to implement the governments Sovereign Borders policy after he took the role of Immigration Minister from Scott Morrison. In August he challenged then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for leadership of the Liberal Party but was defeated 48 votes to 35. He then took a second tilt at the leadership and fell short 45 votes to 40 against Scott Morrison, whom stood in Turnbulls place once he knew he no longer had the support from the Liberal parliamentarians. Dutton is a strong conservative that has stood against the white genocide taking place in South Africa, he has criticised the violent Sudanese gangs running havoc in Melbourne, and has campaigned for free speech and family values.

Cory Bernardi is a federal senator for the Australian Conservatives in South Australia. Cory had been a long supporter of Tony Abbott and a critic of Malcolm Turnbull and others on the left of the Liberal party, which is why he chose to leave and start his own brand. He has a strong stance on social issues, is against same sex marriage and the safe schools indoctrination programs, is a supporter of free speech in which he wants to repeal parts of the racial discrimination act, is a critic of Islam, and a critic of climate change. He has already aimed through several websites to unite all conservatives, and take on the radical leftist group “get up”.

Barry O’Sullivan is a National Party Senator who has stood up to the feminist and gender bender lobby. He questioned the Commonwealth Public Service in Senate Estimates about their transgender guidelines and asked if he could self-identify as a woman in order to spend his smoko break in the women’s bathrooms. He took the left’s self-identification logic a step further later in the year and declared himself a woman, so he couldn’t be attacked by feminists as being a misogynist for being pro-life on abortion. He also triggered Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young when referring to her calling for inquiries which she didn’t show up to as ‘having a bit of Nick Xenophon’ in her. Greens Leader Richard Di Natale was booted out of the Senate for calling him a ‘pig’ and was named by Hanson-Young herself as being part of a ‘particular group of men’ in the Senate who are responsible for ‘disgusting slurs’ against her and said he was not fit to call himself a man (well he now calls himself a woman). Sadly, though O’Sullivan lost National Party preselection at the next Senate election, to a woman which will please those agitating for more women in parliament, maybe that’s why he wanted to self-identify as a woman.

Mike Pence is the Governor of Indiana and the Vice President of the United States. Mike Pence has positioned himself as a principled ideologue and supporter of the Tea Party movement, noting he was “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” He has always been a pro-life and abstinence education advocate, and has opposed the radical agendas put forward by the LGBT community. He was rumoured to support electro-shock therapy for those that were same sex attracted. Although this was proved untrue, he gained a cult following from being labelled as holding such views.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson a clinical physiologist and university academic who first shot to fame in September 2016 when in a video lecture series, he spoke out against the Canadian government’s bill C-16 which would have made it a criminal offense not to call somebody by their preferred gender pronoun. Since then he has obtained a worldwide following with his critique of political correctness, identity politics, feminism, post modernism and neo-Marxist influence. Peterson’s following is especially prolific in young men, the main demographic neglected by modern life coach movements. His self help book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos has sold over 2 million copies, his YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers, and his Patreon account has over 8,000 patrons. Feminist interviewers such as Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News and Helen Lewis of GQ Magazine have attempted to trip him up on his arguments, but he has left both of them speechless and triggered.

Boris Johnson is a historian, author, journalist, and politician for the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom. He describes himself as a “One Nation Tory” which has had him branded a populist and nationalist by some people. He was a leading figure that campaigned for Brexit, and is considered to be a possible future Prime Minister. He has long established a kind of trademark within his characteristics which includes being rude, non punctual, not concerned about his appearance, and in all a bit of an upper class bogan.

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