The Annual Unshackler Awards: 2017 Degenerate Of The Year Award


It’s that time of year again where we look back and remember last year for what it was.

The annual Unshackler Awards is a series of 10 Awards to be released over coming weeks to remember the good and the bad as we break the chains of control.

Now it’s time to publicly shame the biggest degenerates nominated by The Unshackled team. Then you the public get to reduce it down to just one: The “2017 Degenerate of the Year Award” which will be announced on Australia Day.

And The Nominees Are:

2017 Degenerate Of The Year

  • Vanya Uspensky AKA (Lizzy Kazon) (23%, 15 Votes)
  • Benjamin Law (20%, 13 Votes)
  • Astro Labe (17%, 11 Votes)
  • George Takei (12%, 8 Votes)
  • John Podesta (9%, 6 Votes)
  • Harvey Weinstein (8%, 5 Votes)
  • Keysar Trad (5%, 3 Votes)
  • Ben McCormack (5%, 3 Votes)
  • Kevin Spacey (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Joe Biden (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Vanya Uspensky AKA (Lizzy Kazon) is a transgender degenerate from Queensland. He used to be a devout Christian Orthodox warrior but all of a sudden decided to come out on several facebook groups as being a left-wing transperson. Apart from the sudden change, the main problem was that he became so obsessed with wanting to change his gender that he took it upon himself to set up a “Go Fund Me” page asking people to donate for his sex reassignment surgery. He then went one step forward though in titling the page “Sex Reassignment to avoid suicide” as he was apparently facing depression. He was widely condemned for using emotional blackmail tactics in order to take money from vulnerable people. Rather than getting a job like everyone else and fund the surgery himself, he instead wanted to choose the easy way out by begging for it. In the end he managed to raise several hundred dollars which was short of the $17,000 he was asking. Funny enough people had researched that the surgery only cost several thousand dollars rather than the massive sum he was requesting. It was found out that he was using the money not for surgery but to pay off debts and car bills etc so he was outright lying to people by creating this sob story. This is degeneracy at its core and he makes the ideal candidate for the award.

Benjamin Law is an Australian author and journalist. His parents are immigrants from Hong Kong, and he talks about LGBT lifestyles within Asia. On 30th August 2017 he tweeted, “Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-fuck all the anti-gay MP’s in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system.” This was said at the time of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and it received widespread condemnation. Despite the yes campaign claiming same sex marriage had nothing to do with Safe School he also authored a Quarterly Essay linking the two issues and calling for Safe Schools to be mandatory nationwide.

Astro Labe AKA Dj Funknukl is a barista, dj, and anarchist from North Hobart. He is infamous for headbutting Tony and said that he did it because “I didn’t think it was an opportunity I’d get again.” Astro Labe pleaded guilty to the charge that can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. Not only did he headbutt a former Prime Minister but in 2009 he left a friend for dead whilst he was busy smoking cannabis, taking ecstasy, and drinking heavily. As all good anarchists would do, Labe ignored a friend that had fallen down a set of stairs so that he could continue to party. This resulted in the man dying and Labe still being free to roam the streets.

Ben McCormack was a reporter for Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program until he was arrested and later pled guilty to child pornography charges. Police had uncovered Skype conservations he had with another paedophile where he fantasied about acting on his attraction to young boys and would frequent public places where they congregated so he could perve on them. He described himself as a ‘proud pedo’. Former colleague Caroline Markus revealed around the office he used to comment how hot he thought young boys were who appeared on television, even commenting on photos of other colleagues’ young male children. Because his case only involved discussions and not images he was given a good behaviour bond and a $1000 fine.

George Takei is an American actor, director, author, and left wing activist. Takei came out as gay in 2005 and has been an ongoing LGBT activist. On 10th November 2017 a former actor and model Scott Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter that Takei groped him in 1981. Brunton said that Takei’s criticism of Kevin Spacey is what prompted him to raise the incident as Takei was being hypocritical. Even though Takei denied ever doing unconsensual acts, on the Howard Stern show he talked about grabbing a man’s testicles to persuade him to have sex with him at his home. He later said it was a joke but claimed the allegations made against him was a fictitious story made up and spread by “Russian bots.”

Kevin Spacey is an American actor, producer, and singer. On 29th October 2017 actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Spacey made a sexual advance toward him in 1986 when he was only 14 years old. Fifteen others came forward alleging similar abuse, including many that said he had sexual relationships with children. After having apologised for his actions, he then came out as gay and disclosed that he had sexual relationships with both men and women. His statement drew criticism by many as it further reiterated the connection that the LGBT crowd have with pedophilia. The left were very triggered by this.

Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer. In October 2017 The New York Times and The New Yorker reported that more than a dozen women accused him of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping them. Many other women in the industry also came forward reporting similar experiences which resulted in him being fired from his production company.

John Podesta is a columnist and former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Podesta was engulfed by the Pizza Gate Scandal that spoke about a pizza joint in Washington DC called Comet Ping Pong that was actually a front for a child prostitution ring run by Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats. Once the Wikileaks emails of Clinton’s was exposed, it was speculated that phrases such as “pizza” refer to young girls, “cheese pizza” to pedophiles, “ice cream” to male prostitutes. and “hotdog stand in Hawaii” to sex trafficking. Apart from the Pizza Gate saga, it was also revealed that Podesta received invitations to “Spirit Cooking” events, which are satanic rituals in which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine, and sperm are used to create a painting.

Joe Biden is the Vice President of the USA. For many years now there has been rumours that he is a sexual predator. This has been largely fueled by video clips showing him groping many women and even children in actions that would be deemed unsolicited advances. Stroking their hair, kissing, caressing, that were all unaccountable. Infowars and many other websites have been documenting these incidents for years and creepy Joe doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Keysar Trad is the founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia and is the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Trad has advocated Shariah courts for Muslims to deal with matters relating to divorce and inheritance. He has also supported polygamy as an alternative to extramarital relations. In February 2017 Trad said a husband could beat his wife but only as “a last resort”. He later apologised for his comments and said he was “clumsy” for telling the truth in the television interview.

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