Man-made fire and fury have ravaged Australia this summer in the form of bushfires, and Iraq with Iran and the United States engaging in a proxy conflict. Hollywood, CNN, and the Royal Family have been set ablaze metaphorically this past week.

On the first Uncuckables for 2020 on the panel is Tim Wilms Editor in Cheif of the Unshackled. Richard Wolstencroft Host of the Report from Tiger Mountain and Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and for his first time on the show Reg Penney who runs NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left and Channel Reg on Telegram.

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While the social media mob and mainstream media are blaming climate change and Scott Morrison for the extent of Australia’s bushfire season, arson, recklessly lit fires and lack of hazard reduction burns continue to be downplayed as the main contributing causes of the bushfires.

Fake images of the bushfires have been circulated online, Tony Abbott’s non-stop volunteer firefighting since September continues to be glossed over. The Socialist Alternative front group Uni Students for Climate Justice is planning a nationwide protest to sack ScoMo and fund climate change.

The United States and Iran have ended their tit for tat attacks and airstrikes in Iraq with Iran firing only 15 missiles into Iraq as a response to an airstrike killing their most senior military official Gen Qassem Suleimani. The tensions stem from the Trump administration withdrawing the nation from the Iran nuclear and reimposing sanctions which have crippled their economy. World War Three has been cancelled.

British comedian Ricky Gervais tore apart Hollywood virtue signalling in his opening monologue at the Golden Globes. Celebrities appear to be getting a wake-up call to their wokeness with celebrity donations pouring into the Australian bushfire relief appeal, rather than cheap climate change preaching.

CNN has had to pay the Covington Catholic High School boys $250 million for smearing them as racists when they were abused by the Black Hebrew Israelites at the 2019 March for Life. It was another example of mainstream media doctoring footage to fit their narrative.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their split from the Royal Family. Meghan is now a modern-day Wallis Simpson as this American socialite divorcee has caused a significant rift in the Royal Family, the Queen described 2019 as a bumpy year.


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