Who will win the UK election: A Socialist IRA-Sympathiser or a centrist Prime Minister?


Today serves as the climax of the highly contentious election that was announced by Prime Minister Theresa May two months ago. Her decision was an attempt to ensure the preservation of fairness in government after the divisive yet highly satisfying Brexit referendum held in June last year. Despite promising to continue with the remaining term, the Prime Minister realised that divisions were still present in the United Kingdom that could only be addressed through another general election.

Since this announcement, the polls have taken the centre stage during this election, with the Conservatives starting with a strong lead that quickly plummeted as the election date drew closer. While this is very concerning, it has to be stressed that both the 2015 general election and the Brexit referendum were characterised by inaccurate polls. It is highly likely that it would be the same this time.

What has to be emphasised is that this election is between a Socialist IRA-sympathiser and an individual who wants to successfully take Britain out of the EU. Jeremy Corbyn, it has to be noted, is a man who voted against terror legislation 17 times during his 34-year political career. This include legislation that sought to restrict the movement of suspects and data retention for anti-terror purposes. Only those who lack common sense would vote for a man with such severe dispositions.

Theresa May is not without her own faults however. She herself appeared very leftist during particular speeches she gave after accepting the role of Prime Minister and during Brexit negotiations. She has performed poorly in the opinion polls and made completely pathetic decisions such as boycotting a BBC TV debate with other candidates. These were major factors that contributed to such losses in the polls.

However, experience is a fundamental attribute during this election, and May is the only one who seems to have it. Theresa May has battled through various obstacles thrown in front of her with regards to the triggering of Article 50, including a High Court hearing thanks to Gina Miller. Despite these setbacks, she was able to trigger Article 50 (along with leftists and Remoaners) on time during the end of March this year. Theresa May has the experience needed for a beneficial Brexit, which is an integral aspect that Corbyn lacks.

Corbyn, however, is skilled at other things, like sympathising with terrorist organisations, something he does not share with the entire party. In fact, Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has stated that Corbyn’s IRA statements are regrettable, and rightly so. Corbyn has himself stated his allegiance to and admiration of the IRA, stating “I’m happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland”. More recently, Corbyn was asked to condemn the IRA in a television interview five times, to which he refused.

Further examples of Corbyn pandering to terrorist organisations are visible in his statement regarding Hezbollah: “It will be my pleasure and honour to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking …I’ve also invited our friends from Hamas to come and speak”. This is just the beginning. He expressed his opposition towards a policy that allowed police to shoot terror suspects, which was raised after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. It looks like Corbyn’s perculiar principles do not include a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of his own people.

This election, the Unshackled implores all British voters to use common sense when choosing the next Prime Minister. Common sense would dictate that they choose a centrist over a terrorist-sympathiser for the sake of the UK’s survival. Words cannot describe the disastrous impact of choosing such an individual to run a country. Theresa May may not have been very impressive over the past few weeks, yet she is certainly better than a Socialist who wants to take more money forcefully from people who earned it, and possible even help terrorist organisations. The main aspect of this election is the Brexit mandate, which emphasises the need to choose an individual who already possesses experience. Don’t be sexist this election day, please choose the woman.

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