Google’s renaming of Margaret Court Arena represents the progressive insolence of modern companies


Google Maps has renamed an Australian sporting landmark in an insulting attempt to cater for bleeding heart snowflake leftists. It’s just another example of modern corporate giants appealing to progressive millennials in an effort to further marketing agendas and gain market share. After all, millennials are the future consumer base, so why not appeal to their interests?

It has decided to rename Margaret Court Arena after another tennis legend, Evonne Goolagong. While Evonne deserves titles and memorials in her own name in accordance with her great talent, this decision is simply wrong. It means the new decision has taken a dual role as an attempt to cater for LGBT activists along with Aboriginal activists. It kills two birds with one stone, all while ignoring everyone else simply because they have a different opinion.

The insolent nature of this tactic only results in further marginalising and rejecting the rest of humanity who are trying to ensure society doesn’t collapse under cultural marxism. It’s simply the latest event where right-wing opinions are ignored or dismissed by the mainstream establishment in favour of catering for a loud minority.

More importantly, it is an insult to an Australian sporting legend, and a woman at that, who has continued to display her great talent in the world stage. Is this not sexist or misogynistic according to the modern left? Margaret Court is a woman who wants to express her opinion regarding a polarising issue, but a large corporate giant is rejecting her identity and her views. Why aren’t the feminists going on social media rants about this issue?

Of course this decision is not sexist or anti-women. However, it simply goes to show that feminists are hypocritical when it comes to their identity politics. It seems it’s ok for large companies to silence women and disrespect what they stand for as long as they’re right-wing. But when a business has its brand featured in a simple marriage equality debate between two politicians, the left embraces the opportunity to strike down their brand and their name.

But back to the main topic. The immoral nature of renaming an arena simply because of to its patron’s opinion is a dangerous turn in modern political debate. An irrational and unjust decision like this further endangers conservatives’ ability to air their opinions as it encourages further actions among the wider business community that encourage degeneracy and discourage opposition.

Of course this view will get dismissed as a triggered right-wing rant that brings up “Orwellian nonsense” about how a simply progressive decision is actually apocalyptic. True, this decision may not seem very dangerous or harmful at first, but that’s only if the slippery slope is ignored. The slippery slope is real, and such actions by powerful companies will only mean a further expansion of the left-wing agenda. It all starts with one deviant decision, and the slippery slope does the rest.

Remember when conservatives were dismissed by the gay rights movement for their slippery slope argument? The latter laughed at the former for talking nonsense about the eventual rise of pedophilia thanks to the activation of the slippery slope by the LGBT movement. Unfortunately, the conservatives did not get to have the last laugh, as the pedophile movement is indeed creeping out of the gutter. The same principle applies here.

Proponents of right-wing ideologies and stances are facing further marginalisation by the establishment, the new leftist elite, and the corporate community. A loud minority of progressives are able to take advantage of the modern corporate commitment to social responsibility in order to spread their own agenda. Today’s revelation that Google renamed Margaret Court Arena simply because of it’s namesake’s opinion is a disturbing turn of events that has to be stopped.

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