Who is responsible for the assault on The Unshackled’s Martin Hartwig?


As most Unshackled readers and many others in the Australian right of centre community would be aware on Sunday night Unshackled contributor Martin Hartwig was attacked by a group of masked Leftists outside the Lauren Southern-Stefan Molyneux speaking event.

The attack was entirely unprovoked. Martin was doing nothing more than legally filming a public protest on a public street and as a result of the cowardly assault was hospitalised with a broken hand and a facial fracture.

How did this happen? How did we get to the stage in Australia where even being suspected of having a different opinion is now cause to put someone in hospital?

When you get right down to it with whom does the responsibility for this disgusting act and the culture that allowed it lie?

The Left

A lovely lady sharing her views

The black masked left wing extremists who attacked Martin of course bear most of the responsibility.

These sad fools living out a fantasy world where they’re perpetually defending Madrid alongside Durruti in 1930s Spain under crimson and black banners would be as laughably ridiculous as American civil war reenactors if it weren’t for their propensity towards violently attacking people with whom they disagree.

Your friendly neighbourhood masked thug society

The extreme Left boasted that they were going to “smash” the tour of the “fascist mouthpieces” Southern and Molyneux and in this they suffered a humiliating defeat. The discrepancy between their boasting and their real life ability was so abject, obvious and embarrassing that they had to take it out on someone, and Martin just happened to be handy.

We are all unique, we are all individuals…

But semi-retarded delusional fanatics living out absurd fantasies will sadly always be with us. The real question is who created the atmosphere where such people consider themselves able to act with impunity to physically attack those they disagree with?

Full of hate

Who lets them get away with threatening and even committing violent crimes in public?

The Police


The attitude of the police hierarchy in all states of Australia towards the extreme Left on this tour has been shocking. The higher ups seem to have ascertained that since there exists no political will to deal with these often privileged far-left thugs then the only option is to try and do their job for them.


In Melbourne despite not being asked to provide any extra security Victoria Police provided the organisers of the speaking tour with a $68,000 bill for “extra protection” required because of the openly available plans of Left wing extremists to attack them and their event.

Fining the victim in advance of the crime is a novel approach to police work in this country and may not prove as popular as the VicPol head honchos might think.

In Sydney not only did the local police send an Inspector down to inform Lauren Southern that she was unwelcome in Lakemba, they also informed almost every local and state journalist available in the area to come down and film them bravely doing it.

In Brisbane when Lauren attempted to go outside and reason with the Left wing extremists protesting outside (probably trying for a repeat of the hilarious performance in Adelaide) the QLD police informed her that if the extremist thugs tried to attack her and police were injured while defending her she would be charged the cost of their medical bills.


One would have thought that a basic precept of law enforcement is to arrest the criminals, not to fine the victims, but it seems in 21st century Australia that isn’t always so.

But even the police hierarchy who help create this atmosphere of impunity are not ultimately to blame.

They are merely working within the culture that has been created by others.

The Media

Australian journalists don’t like Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux. This isn’t surprising as most journalists in modern Australia are decidedly Leftish in their political sympathies.

Even before they arrived the hit pieces had already begun. Some ABC personalities sneered at the fact that the pair had appeared so many times on the relatively low rating Sky News on pay T.V, but considering how openly hostile almost all other media outlets were from the beginning it was hardly a surprise.

Journalists have always done hit pieces on those they disagree with, scribbling hacks have always used the power of ink to try and make themselves feel big by dragging others down.

Usually the subjects of these hit pieces don’t get attacked by gangs of organised thugs who consistently get away scot free though.

The fault of the media is not that they are biased; the fault is that they consistently fail to name these far left extremists for who they are. Instead call them “protesters” or “anti-racists” or even (most absurdly of all) “anti-fascists”!

It’s almost equivilent to you declaring yourself to be the Crown Princess of Japan and them just printing your claims as fact without checking.

In Brisbane outside the Southern/Stefan event there was a protest of about 40 people, almost all of whom were from extremist groups, a significant number of whom were wearing black masks, all marching under the Antifa logo with its stylised black flag of Anarchism and red flag of Communism, one carrying a flag with a butterfly knife on it with “give Nazis butterflies” inscribed underneath. This was a group who reportedly tried to set a fire inside the venue and boasted of vandalising the toilets with death threats BEFORE then hospitalising someone who was merely trying to film them and pouring urine over his prone and bleeding body.

Yet every media outlet without exception described these people, some of the most radical violent extremists in our society merely as “Protesters”.

The protest was even organised by a group calling itself “Brisbane Anti-Fascist Action” who use as their logo a variant of the more traditional Antifa symbol replacing the red flag of communism with the black and red flag of anarcho-communism.

Anarcho-Communist flag in front, Anarchist flag at rear

Clearly (as far as the press is concerned) just a bunch of ordinary, dinky-di, true blue Aussies.

The failure of the media to name these people for who they are is what creates the atmosphere of impunity. They call themselves “Anti-fascists” so who could be against them? Nobody likes fascism right? If the “anti-fascists” are against you then you must be some sort of fascist hey? And if they beat you up well maybe you had it coming.

And this was hardly the first time.

Not one news outlet named the organiser of the failed riot outside the event in Melbourne Chris Di Pasquale as also being one of the lead organisers of Socialist Alternative, the largest and best organised violent political extremist group in Australia today. Not one bothered to point out that the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) group he represents is a Socialist Alternative front despite this information being only a Google search away.

Chris Di Pasquale (orange vest, centre) tries to avoid being run over by the bus he attacked.

Not one of them mentioned that the UBAR group who organised the protest in Perth is yet another Socialist Alternative front.

And not one of them will mention that the organisers of the upcoming protest against Southern and Stefan in New Zealand are Anu Kaloti and Joe Carolan, leaders of “Socialist Aotearoa”, yet another Marxist group of the Trotskyist tradition and a sister organisation to Socialist Alternative in Australia.

Anu Kaloti, NZ Marxist

These people are extremists who will stop at nothing to squash the voices of those with whom they disagree, willing to use vandalism, threats and even violence to get their way. Yet the press here and over the ditch are already describing them as “protesters” and “anti-racists”.

Joe Carolan (left), NZ Marxist. Here seen meeting UK Labour Party Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

These extremists are able to garner sympathy and support from ordinary mainstream centre-left people in the general public almost entirely because their extremism is never exposed.

Lazy, stupid or sympathetic journalists never bother to bring that information to the public eye so for the most part the public never finds out.

These are the people who create the culture of impunity in which violent extremism swims. These are the people who are complicit in the assault on Martin on Sunday night. And these are the people who need to be shamed into naming those whose violent thuggery they have for so long covered up.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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