In this ongoing saga that is the War on Whites, a repetitive theme throughout the media and television has been white privilege.

The Myth of White Privilege

White Americans are publically savaged across every medium in media by wildly unsubstantiated accusations, hard-working men like my buddy Chris are shamed and libeled with fortuitously wielding their white privilege as some form of currency.

Chris’s life has been anything but privileged, in his case, cruel and unforgiving tragedy got the early jump as his father was killed in an auto-accident when Chris was only two. As a young and impressionable boy, he was left to the devices of an emotionally damaged and alcoholic mother, to be abused by the reprehensible trash that she always seemed to attract.

Chris isn’t some strange anomaly either, in fact, the majority of our young white men have overcome adversities to some degree and still managed to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

 In 2017, Chris’s younger brother from a different father, succumb to the voracious appetite opiate addiction and died of an overdose, perhaps the EMT’s weren’t aware of his white privilege.

The myth of white privilege has never been forced down American throats more aggressively than today, convincing an unsettling amount of gullible whites that they are culpable for the failures of non-whites.

George Floyd

The current war against white America has been quietly raging for some time, engineered by the collective minds of the leftist-elite and waged by Democrat politicians and their mindless minions.

Democrats leaped into action after a viral video detailed the disturbing death of a Minnesota man who was resisting arrest, party officials like Nancy Pelosi, had difficulty keeping their wrinkly jowls dry, uncontrollably salivating over this rare opportunity.

George Floyd, a black man, was subdued by three cops after becoming non-compliant, the lead officer, Derek Chauvin, was applying a legal neck restraint to Floyd when his lights went out and they never came back on.

Although Chauvin, who is white, never indicated a racial motivation, either audibly or otherwise, it’s a question that would be revealed under the fair and balanced scrutiny of the judicial process.

That evening on Democrat-manufactured news(the media), most Americans reluctantly viewed Floyd’s demise and demanded answers,  however, the corrupt media depicted an entirely different narrative of Floyd’s death and black Americans ate it up.

CNN and all of their slithering cohorts, simply by-passed that passé American tradition of “innocent until proven guilty”, most networks even avoided the prefix of “alleged” entirely, when referring to Officer Chauvin. They described a callus, cold-blooded murder of an innocent black man, perpetrated by “one of those” corrupt, maniacal cops.

Famous social justice celebs stir up blacks, again…

The media intentionally kicked an angry hornet’s nest and with the aid of hyper-woke social celeb’s like Lebron James, they tapped into years of disillusionment and frustration that has culminated in the minds of black Americans via Democrat misinformation and propaganda.

Existing under the distorted view that the laundry-list of their chronic failings should be directly attributed to white supremacy, blacks have ignored the true culprit and choose to chase the elusive ghost of systemic white racism.

Conditions have been progressively worsening, despite decades of one-party rule and the creation of virtually all-black run communities, including a police force primarily occupied by fellow minorities.

For nearly a month blacks have been encouraged to riot and loot in their communities by so-called allies, obviously ignorant to the reality of, if someone is encouraging you to commit acts of self-destruction and degradation, then they’re likely not good allies.

Targeting the Enemy

Spilling the blood of white folks, both figuratively and literally, to satisfy a self-serving need for retribution, will do ZERO to remedy the cultural rot and tone-deafness that continues to plague the black community.

(where the fuck are all the rational, educated blacks to relay this obvious fact?)

The Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Glaring and tragic examples of the war against whites are regretfully played out visually every day, none more evident than the despicable treatment of Garrett Rolfe, a former police officer who’s being hurled into the belly of the beast to deaden the deafening growl of the mob’s blood lust.

It appears that ex-Officer Rolfe, who’s now facing death, has been abandon by republicans, conservatives, and fellow whites.

Who Was Rayshard Brooks?

Blacks and their leftist overlords are shamelessly scraping the bottom of the barrel for martyrs of racial injustice and Rayshard Brooks exemplifies this claim. Brooks was passed out in his car and obstructing other vehicles on the night of June 12th, police were notified and as-per their job, they responded to the situation.

After Brooks failed a sobriety test, as if being passed out at a Wendy’s drive-thru isn’t enough, police calmly and professionally attempted to arrest him and hopefully avoid any unnecessary carnage resulting from his drunk-driving ass.

(Further carnage and mayhem from simply letting Brooks go, would be highly probable when considering his previous convictions, of which unlawful restraint and endangering a child were included .)

While trying to restrain the perp with handcuffs, he spontaneously began to wig-out and resist arrest, during his violent struggle to unlawfully escape from the police, Brooks commandeered a weapon from one of the cops and bolted.

During the chase, Brooks turned to his pursuers and discharged the stolen weapon, this action prompted one of the white officers, Garrett Rolfe, to rip off three rounds and permanently subdue the intoxicated Brooks.

Officer Rolfe’s split-second response may have saved countless innocent lives had Brooks been able to continue his rampage, too many times, the perp eludes capture and wreaks havoc upon the public.

Officer Garrett Rolfe

There is zero evidence or indication that Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe was an impassioned white supremacist, so-much-so, that after seven years on the force, he deemed  June 12th as an ideal evening to murder a random black man and kiss his freedom goodbye.

However, under the weighted duress of impending mob violence and political pressure from the left, Rolfe has been charged with felony murder, what? This degree of corrupt prosecution is usually reserved for rinky-dink dictatorships in the uncivilized world, not in America, and has prompted several fellow officers to resign.

I urge you to watch this video before they take it down as they did on YouTube.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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