Trump’s rhetoric scaring off illegal migrants as refugee numbers plummet


The New York Times has compiled another emotive report on illegal migration into the United States. According to the report, Central American migrants are now scared to entrust their lives to people smugglers in an attempt to enter the United States illegally.

President Trump’s hardline approach to illegal migration has resulted in a decrease in criminal migrant activity, with potential refugees discouraged to take up the dangerous journey involved in migrating to the United States thanks to a tougher approach.

The President’s approach to crackdown on illegal migrants has taken a variety of forms, including the reversal of Obama-era policies that saw the former president ignore illegal migrants in favour of other serious criminals. Illegal migrant arrests in the United States have risen sharply, with a 38% rise in the first three months of Trump’s administration.

It is clear that Donald Trump’s rhetoric and tough approach to illegal migration is dissuading potential Central American border-crossers from choosing a reckless journey to enter the United States. In May, the US government revealed that illegal migration from Mexico dropped 40% during the January-February period.

This news comes as the United States is about to reach its refugee cap this week. Thanks to tougher new immigration laws, this year’s refugee cap is a 41% decrease from the last, at 50 000 people. It is also the lowest figure in a decade.

This is just the latest example of Trump delivering on key election promises that persuaded the majority of Americans to install him as the country’s new President. The news also comes as the United States is about to celebrate it’s independence day.

Not only will this allow the United States to but back on the billions of dollars it wastes every year on illegal migrants. This will allow the country’s crime rate to decrease, and provide legal migrants with a fairer opportunity to enter the United States the proper way.

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