With Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave now having an almost daily string of victims the demands for action from the state’s leaders is growing louder. However despite Premier Daniel Andrews and Police Commissioner Graham Ashton being back at work this week they have still denied there is a crime crisis and even mocked the concern of residents in the crime affected areas. Senior Ministers from the Andrews Government are still claiming the crime statistics demonstrate we are living in a safe state.

Due to the inaction and continual denials from the government local patriot group the True Blue Crew has organized a meeting for concerned citizens who are wanting action taken to address the state’s crime wave. The True Blue Crew was founded in the western Melbourne suburb of Melton in opposition to plans from Islamic groups to turn the area into an Islamic suburb. It also organizes the annual Australian Pride March in Melbourne which brings together patriot groups from around the state in a demonstration of solidarity.

The True Blue Crew have stated the first half of the meeting “will be a recap of the problems,lack of action by the courts,realistic political and legal ways forward” with the second half “for those ready to take a stand on the streets,this part of the meeting isn’t for the PC so keep that in mind.PC isn’t going to stop people’s houses being invaded,innocent people being attacked”.

To ensure that meeting itself is a safe environment they have asked attendees to RSVP via messaging their Facebook page and they must bring photo ID. The venue is being kept secret and will be messaged to attendees on the day but will be in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This is being done to root out the chance of “unwanted people/spies”attending and have said such people “will be dealt with seriously and accordingly”.

Mainstream media outlets have reported on the meeting as a sign that vigilantism is brewing in response to the increases in violent crime however the True Blue Crew stated “we are not out to hinder the ongoing police efforts, it is my personal opinion that the police are just as fed up as we are. They live in our communities as well don’t forget”.

Today the meeting was sold out with True Blue Crew stating they would not be taking any more names down “due to the amount of messages we need to put a cut off point in order to deal with the influx of support”. However they have promised to hold “further meetings in the upcoming future for those that could not make it to this meeting so don’t worry if you didn’t make the list”.

The True Blue Crew have previously posted a statement calling for in response to the crime wave the immediate ban of immigration from the African nations that are these offenders’ country of origin, the immediate deportation of those found guilty committing such violent offenses, mandatory jail terms for those convicted including a 10 year minimum, no more politically correct or social justice warrior judges appointed and the resignation of Premier Daniel Andrews for his consistent failures.

The True Blue Crew in association with the United Patriots Front are also planning an Australia Day Beach Party as a public celebration of the day and to make a statement against all the attacks that we have seen on the national day this past year.

Given the continued inaction from the Andrews Government it was only a matter of time before a group of citizens decided to look at ways to take action themselves. The violent crimes committed by men of African appearance will continue and with a state election now less than a year away the head in the sand attitude from Andrews and his ministers cannot continue.

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