Times Square’s New Year’s Eve Tradition: Singing the International Communist Anthem

If you wanted any more proof that the media, celebrities and elites still lionize communism you only had to witness the New Year’s Eve festival in Times Square in New York City. Part of New York City’s annual New Year’s Eve celebrations is the Times Square Ball Drop to celebrate the coming of the New Year. The festival is broadcasted on major American networks NBC, ABC and CNN. A tradition that has emerged from it in recent years is just before midnight a prominent musician performs a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

The song released in 1971 often tops lists created by television networks and news magazines of the greatest songs of all time. This is despite the fact that if you actually pay attention to the lyrics closely the song is the musical equivalent of the communist manifesto. Lennon even admitted it was a communist song in an interview.

Among the various ideals John Lennon tells us to ‘imagine’ are key tenants of communism including ‘there’s no countries’ – globalism is key tenant of communist ideology. ‘And no religion, too’ – Marx viewed religion and its role in promoting a free society and support of the family as the main impediment to the creation of a Communist society. ‘No possessions’ of course in a communist society you are not allowed to own anything that you earned through hard work, everything belongs to the collective or the state.

Other lyrics include empty promises of what a communist society will bring to people, which did not eventuate in the various communist nations in the 20th century. ‘Nothing to kill or die for’ – communist nations were amongst the greatest killing machines of all time, with over 100 million citizens slaughtered under their rule for various “crimes”, such as betraying the revolution. ‘No need for greed or hunger’ proved a myth in communist nations, famines were constant and stealing was a common occurrence amongst ordinary citizens where nobody could trust anybody else.

This year this communist anthem was sung by Rachel Platten. Her political views should be well known given the fact her song ‘Fight Song’ was the theme for Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign. At the Democratic National Convention she and other prominent celebrities recorded a special version of the song called Hillary’s fight song.

You would have thought Platten and other celebrities would reflect on the election result in November as well as ordinary Americans’ indifference towards their shilling for Hillary. But Platten, before singing Imagine, said ‘I think more than ever we need to hear these words, we need to sing this song together…this is how we change the world’. So Platten has demonstrated she has learned nothing from the past year. She sings the anthem of a failed ideology of whose belief system the American people had just rejected. But what do you expect from Hillary supporters who are still denying the fact that “literally Hitler” won the election?

This is nothing but an attack on Western virtues, it goes to show that cultural Marxism isn’t a conspiracy theory, but an actual phenomenon propagated by the left-wing elites and media. It’s probably fitting also that the fully fledged communist Mayor of New York Bill De Blaso along with outgoing Secretary General of the globalist United Nations Ban Ki-moon together pressed the button activating the drop ball to countdown for the New Year not long after Platten’s performance.

The fact that the New York City government, TV networks, news media and celebrities think this song as an appropriate way to welcome a new year shows that the communist influence within the realms of power is still strong. An ode to Communism sung in a city that was once the figurehead for free market capitalism. The left-wing elites, globalists and media still need to fight on every front to make sure that spectacles such as Platten’s performance do not represent the goals we desire in our society.

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