This Week at the Courts: Left Gathers for their Comrades and Neil Erikson Celebrates a Small Victory


Its been an eventful few days at the Melbourne Magistrates Court with developments for both left and right-wing groups as charges against eight activists where heard related to the clashes that occurred outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Kensington, Melbourne on Monday 4th December 2017.

Let’s start on the Thursday with CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) having their event entitled “Solidarity with Arrested Anti-Fascist Protesters.”

The Unshackled crew rocked up to see a crowd of about thirty people standing outside with megaphones, speakers and their own film crews. There were other crews from outside media companies filming as well. There were three main speakers who spoke about the importance of coming out in public to support their “Comrades” who they say were arrested for the “heinous” crime of opposing fascism.

They also discussed the growing presence of the far-right in Australia and Europe and emphasised how important it is for the left to get out in public to oppose such groups. They also called the two main parties in Australia “racist” I’ll let you interpret that however you want.

They also brought up the True Blue Crew’s Aussie Pride Flag March later this month on June 24th and beckoned their members to gather on that day to oppose it. Another protest was brought up, said to occur a couple weeks after. This may be a reference to their plans to disrupt the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event in Melbourne on July 20th. There are fears this event could cause similar scenes of violence from the Milo event that caused them to be outside the court in the first place.


Secondly, we have Neil Erikson from “Cooks Convicts” and Future Now and his friends Ricky Turner, Richard Whelan, Dwayne Mckenzie and Garry Hume the next day, calling themselves the Milo 5. They faced the court over charges of assault, affray and behaving in a riotous manner from the same event.

We had the chance to interview some of them and the general consensus was that they were defending themselves after members of the left-wing group identified and attacked them on the way to the event which they had bought tickets for.

The mainstream media was all over Neil as he strolled towards the courthouse wearing a nice grey suit and was represented by lawyer John Bolton. The court changed the bail conditions to allow Erikson and friends to associate for the purposes of lawful political communication and, on their way, out of the courthouse they announced plans to the mainstream media to turn Cooks Convicts into a political party, which while taken seriously by the mainstream media, we can confirm that it was just a troll.

Blair Cottrell formerly of the United Patriots Front and also present at the Milo event attended along with other patriot activists to support the Milo 5.

The case was adjourned until July 6 as the police have still not collected all the evidence they require to bring the case to trial, but they did not object to the variation of the bail conditions. We will continue to report on the progress of these cases.

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