Flag Australia (Food Producers and Land Action Group) is run by Peter Manuel who resides and farms in the Adelaide Hills. He started the movement to try to stem the tide of rising red tape draconian pieces of legislation that are severely impacting on Australian mum and dad farmers to produce clean, healthy food.

Australia is in danger of becoming a net food importer. As it stands now we are a net importer of fruit, vegetables, and seafood. Green and red tape, more and more legislation, more application fees and other overseer bureaucratic impediments to being able to effectively farm are now widespread.

The Natural Resource Management (now called Landscape SA) has hordes of bureaucratic overseers walking onto farmer’s properties and imposing fines and issuing warnings. Flag Australia has been able to prove that SA Department of Enviroment, Water and Natural Resources has been overestimating the water farmers are holding and often by extreme amounts.

Farmers have lost control of their water falling from the sky by being made to have low flow bypasses next to their dams. These dams were installed by farmers and the infrastructure is theirs. There are also heavy restrictions on where you can put dams. “Low flow bypasses are an impost on farmers and do nothing to help low flows or keep creeks flowing in summer” (Peter Manuel).

There is the prevention of people clearing their own land. This is often by the shrill outraged mobs who reside in the inner-city. They are bullies and part of the anti-human progress activists of the green movement. They think farming and mining be damned. The question must one-way do politicians and others hate our farmers? There are several reasons.

One reason is zealous environmentalists. Environmentalists have had a free ride in Australia for decades, shutting down projects, strangling farmers with red tape and slandering projects. There is an array of political protesters aided by legal, judicial and academic supporters and now weaponized children with the Extinction Rebellion Movement.

The ‘frontier’ (which was where most of Australia was built and where many after the Second World War came and built their livelihoods) is seen as an old relic from the past and part of our old racist patriotic past that must be expunged, erased.

The excruciatingly left-wing ABC and The Guardian who make CNN and the BBC look like Fox News push the self-flagellation and self-loathing narrative to declare war on Australian national identity and our history.

The second reason is the United Nations. The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development affirms that the world must unite under one banner (socialism) to avoid the impending disaster of climate change. The goals of this URGE the creation of socialist world order. The United Nations is a cesspool of lawyers seeking self-gratification and is not at all for the betterment of society. It is ground zero for anti-capitalism, international tax schemes, redistributionist rackets like the Green Climate Fund and Sustainable Development Goals and the onerous Paris Climate Agreement.

The real agenda of climate change has been admitted by IPCC officials. The United Nations wants to increase its power and wealth to have increasing power over people’s lives. It is preplanned UN-run socialism that is the end game. The climate is used to frighten people into committing huge funding to the UN.

Agenda 21, a twenty-first-century objective of the UN has now rammed down children’s throats. It is the use of scare tactics to enable a new world order of socialism. The Australian government’s participation in the UN’s shenanigans is stripping away at our capacity to govern ourselves.

Governments throughout the West are buying carbon credits and embarking on Emission Trading Schemes. Australia is at risk of being run by unelected bureaucrats who will do nothing to create wealth. The results will be: more permits will be needed to do anything on farms, more levies, more taxes, use of water levies, confiscation of wealth, more state ownership, driving farmers off their lands, a huge reduction of mining and making more land into nature reserves or national parks.

The UN is also ground zero for totalitarian anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-Western principles and anti-individual liberty. It is a corrupt dictatorship which is hostile to Australia’s interests.

Do people want clean, pristine, safe food or do they want Australia to be a net food importer? Who owns the water that falls freely from the sky? Water has been taken from farmers. They are severely restricted on how to farm their properties. Foreign ownership and control of our resources is a growing concern. National parks have now overtaken many once sheep and cattle stations where planted shrub now reigns supreme. Farmers have lost the ability to clear their properties because, to the radical environmentalists, anything is habitat. For a farmer to clear trees and create a fire break risks receiving a big fine. Second generation farmers are also being dictated to by inner-city elites and environmental bureaucrats.

Brian Neville from Flag Australia says, “stealing farmers water for the so-called purpose of reclaiming water for the environment, the changing of land use from food production to planting bush is all part of the control.” Politicians have also decided over the years to sell off our most profitable asset-our food bowl. They have relentlessly raised levies, fees, and taxes on farmers. There is a right to take the water levy. It is taxing rain that falls freely from the sky. Low flow bypasses stop water going into dams. Meters are forced upon farmers. The Department of Water give false estimates and tell farmers they hold more water than what they are holding.

Radical activists have also used Aboriginal people’s to further their agendas. This will severely impact Australia’s ability to feed ourselves and grow agriculture. It is driven by activists, lawyers, academics and the left media to fuel claims of treaties, native title, reparations and the like. Farming projects will continue to be slandered or sabotaged. It is part of the left’s self-flagellation, anti-development, anti-entrepreneurship, anti-endeavour and anti-wealth building mentality. They much prefer to continue finding victims and continue with their gravy train passenger movement and collectivism which is a poverty generator.

Australia could still be primed to be a food bowl to Asia and a leader in agriculture. We have lost our once-great position.

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