If  Joe Biden becomes the next President of the United States, we all know he will not be President for long. In picking Kamala Harris as his running mate and potential Vice President, the Democrats have made it crystal clear where they wish to go with their party and which direction they wish to take the US.

If you listen to the mainstream media, Kamela Harris the Junior Senator from California and former state Attorney-General and District Attorney of San Francisco is a moderate choice and is the first woman plus woman of colour to potentially be a Vice President.  

Kamela Harris is a hard-left Democrat. She favours open borders, taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery,  abortion on demand, free college tuition, socialized sexual healthcare, genderless birth certificates, limits on religious freedom, supports the Green New Deal and much higher taxes. She is a poster for hard progressive ideology. She supports the Do No Harm Act which severely limits First Amendment religious freedom protections.

Harris supports unlimited number of social programs which will simply repeat their constant failures and keeps many blacks on the Democrat Plantation.  This is, of course, the goal. Never before have we seen such an effort to destroy a President by the mainstream media with elaborate collusion with media to invent fake news.

As California Attorney-General Kamala Harris in 2016 ordered a raid on the home of whistleblower David Daleidan who was a journalist uncovering Planned Parenthood and its selling of aborted baby parts. The Democrats view abortion as a sacrament and a right. Planned Parenthood is its biggest supporter and wields political power on the left.

Evidence was submitted to Harris’ office but instead of investigating Planned Parenthood, she turned her investigation onto the Centre for Medical Progress in order to protect Planned Parenthood. Kamela raided the home of David Daleidan and seized hard drives because he investigated Planned Parenthood.  

Kamala prosecuted pro-life journalists when they dared investigate Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts. Multiple Planned Parenthood officials have admitted under oath of trafficking body parts and organs of aborted babies. Harris received campaign money from Planned Parenthood.

Kamela Harris is also staunchly for defunding the police and tweeted in June that people should contribute to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help bail those who were rioting, looting and burning. This is despite the irony that she herself has built her political career in high up positions in law enforcement in her native California.

The universities will be a prime target for Democrats to get out the vote. Attacks on the First Amendment and widening the definition of what constitutes harmful speech will be a key weapon. American universities have become very anti-American, anti-Western civilization, anti-Christian, anti-life, and anti-family.

Leftist Marxist, feminist and race politics reigns supreme. The concepts if microaggression, safe spaces, and no-platforming have no place in a university. Battalions of automatons which are programmed to all think alike are the aim of the Democrats.

Post-modernist thought preoccupies the Democrat mindset. Non-political institutions are increasingly being politicized throughout the West at large and this will receive endorsement and praise from Democrat governors.

Kamala Harris runs on grievance and running grievous public policies which jeopardise children’s futures. She initially believed that Jussie Smollet was a victim of a race hate crime calling it a modern-day lynching.

Social programs run by Democrat-led cities have disastrous results which degrade and disassemble civil society. Rising utopian statism ideology is destructive-the massive welfare and entitlement state-controlled and led by governing elites who reinforce it and encourage it leads to disastrous results.

It obligates future generations with their labour and resources who have been sold on the idea of solving and reforming society’s imperfections and weaknesses. The increasing failure of government ventures always engulfs an entire society. The erosion of self-sufficiency is a sure way to tyranny.

The Democrats have sold the idea of a mass movement to the youth of idealism, statism and wokeness. They have embraced the Black Lives Matter movement despite its continued evolution into a more and more radical form. The Democrat-led cities and states are a contagion of broken homes, drugs, poor schooling, crime, failed social programs repeated yearly and they have turned victimhood into a virtue.

The Democrats cast people’s problems onto the ‘other’, onto society. They embrace the post-modernist ideology of intersectionality. The Democrats will destroy the foundations and principles which built America. They will eat away at the Constitution, further undermine the family, erode the First Amendment.

They will destruction of the education system by installing hard leftist professors and encourage the teaching of leftism 101 to the children. They will continue to destroy self-reliance, make more people dependent on government, fuel a surge in social welfare policies which are overwhelmingly failures, promote more identity politics and race politics which will divide the races.

The recent lawlessness and anarchy occurring in major US cities along with the calls for the defunding of police is not occurring by chance. It is all going to plan. The criminalization of the law-abiding and making actual felons into victims is a key goal to enable anarcho-tyranny.

Democrats will bring about much higher taxation, more bureaucratic regulation, the imposition of thought control through sensitivity training at work, more control of the institutions and will seek economic and cultural upheaval. The goal is collective enforced cultural conformity. 

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