The first US Presidential Debate gathered more than passing interest for most, with the collective anal clenching and pearl-clutching of the left-leaning media convincing many that this year’s federal election is a vote for the soul of their nation. Anything less than a Trump defeat must be achieved and by any means necessary.

For the Proud Boys, this time is the equivalent of footy finals and the fraternity watches with a keen interest wanting their team to do well. There was genuine spit your beer moment during yesterday’s events when the name of our noble brotherhood was uttered from the mouth of the leader of the free world following an attempted “gotcha” moment by moderator Chris Wallace and former Vice President Joe Biden.

It was simply yet another tired attempt from a left-wing politician at labelling the Proud Boys as the “white supremacist boogeymen” that were behind the months of rioting, violence, murder and mayhem. President Trump responded with the direct message “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by” a comment which is currently dominating the news cycle.

The media outlets currently demonising the Proud Boys are simultaneously running cover for Biden’s statement that Antifa is nothing more than an “idea”.

For the members of the Proud Boys, the events have sparked hilarious reaction as they took stock of the various blue checks on Twitter imploding while the Proud Boys took up free real estate in their conscience and people touting themselves as professional journalists fell into their usual trap of cytogenesis.

The years of attempted defamation against the fraternity have hardened our resolve to the point where there is no longer effort expended on the loop of refuting what we clearly are not.

We are at a time where the average person on the street is able to look at such an accusation, see for themselves the actual membership and values of the Proud Boys and dismiss any smears as nonsense. Meanwhile what they can clearly see Antifa black bloc and the left-wing Black Lives Matter undertaking violent acts and depriving the liberty of those that refuse to bend the knee.

This entire topic only came up in the debate as the result of Chris Wallace calling for peace in cities such as Portland where left-wing riots have raged for months accommodated by the laissez-faire approach of local and state leadership.

Proud Boys Australia have watched on each time our brothers go to rally for freedom in such cities, supporting them as they stand for their rights and against the tyranny of the mobs that currently rule the streets.

The Proud Boys Chairman, Enrique Tarrio, successfully led the most recent Proud Boys rally in Portland with the express goal of making the government and law enforcement act, and without fail Oregon governor Kate Brown took her queue.

Local law enforcement that had been scaled back by Mayor Ted Wheeler immediately came under state command and in turn, his ban on tear gas was bypassed as a state of emergency was declared. With the state police then deputised by federal authorities this also meant partisan district attorneys could not continue to operate their revolving door catch and release policy as those charged would fall under federal jurisdiction.

The Proud Boys rally was conducted without incident whilst the powers enacted were then available to law enforcement in dealing with the riots in other parts of the city. Portland has undoubtedly benefited from the Proud Boys simply showing up and the public knows this.

We have seen Joe Biden and the left worldwide lose morale as he faltered on-stage in front of millions. The Biden campaign continues to suffer from low enthusiasm and there is little surprise that invoking the Proud Boys has helped distract his supporters as they desperately ghost hunt. The truth is that the majority of Americans have had enough of left-wing mobs harassing them in the street, assaulting them as they dine and burning their businesses to the ground.

Whilst the left-wing mob has galvanised so too have the much larger segment of the populace who reject their hate and destruction. Now as an increasing amount of average citizens band together to protect their communities from the Democrat-backed Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs they too are labelled as Proud Boys. These citizens are seeing that if standing up for themselves and what is right makes them a Proud Boy then they are more than happy to be called one.

The Proud Boys will stand down and stand by, and you can count on us to be laughing at those who think their words have power over the fraternity.