Last Thursday Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt released the annual Closing the Gap report on indigenous disadvantage.

What was different about this year’s report was a reset of the goals, due to the fact that they have not been met since they were established in 2008. The recent Black Lives Matter protests imported into Australia gave the federal and state and territory governments the opportunity to do some virtue signalling of their own on the issue, plus hope they placated the protestors.

This new national agreement is aimed at reducing indigenous imprisonment rates, suicides and child removals justice, out-of-home care, suicide, and strengthening indigenous language preservation, housing and land rights

The annual closing the gap target was an early project in Kevin Rudd’s disastrous Prime Ministership. This was along with his apology to the so-called stolen generations in February 2008. He apologised on behalf of all Australians for things of the past. He could not name one person from the mythical stolen generation but neither has anyone else.

John Howard at least had an ounce of a spine and principle and refused to say sorry for things the Australia people of today had nothing to do with. The point of the apology was to virtue signal and to appease (for a short while) the professional charlatan activists and a handful of elites who parasitically feed off Aboriginal people. The reconciliation extortion industries now give Rudd God-like status. Emotional blackmail worked.

The stolen generation is constantly repeated as fact and we all know if you repeat a lie often enough for long enough many will believe. The race-baiting professionals at the ABC and SBS repeat it because emotional appeals and rhetoric is what matters.

These are the same people who hold up Bruce Pascoe’s fiction as fact and want it taught in schools. Pascoe’s work is seen as a revolutionary text and on par with Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Of course, the ABC and SBS never ask why anyone would want to steal Aboriginal children purely for racial reasons and for what purpose? Why would anyone with half a brain want to steal anyone’s children from a safe and lovely family?

The Worst Race Baiters: The ABC

The ABC is the worst offending race-baiting organisation. It promotes the welfare state on steroids, after all the ABC benefits from a welfare state through extra taxpayer funding.

The ABC has incubated a class of race activists in their news, documentary and even comedy division who thrive on fuelling resentment, envy and anger. They love telling all Australians they are racists and deplorables then wonder why Adam Goodes’ documentary bombed in the cinemas so then chastise people for not watching it by crying racists.

They never bother to ask why despite their claims of Australia being a racist country why then do Africans, Asians, Middle Eastern and others come here and thrive. Many are in the top echelons of medicine and business.

Nor do they mention that Aboriginals have all the opportunities like every other Australian from whichever country has.

Many migrants to Australia have come from zones which make remote Australia look like a luxury resort. Aboriginals are one minority. Yes, one minority amongst many. They are not entitled to extra privileges or more affirmative action programs based solely on race. But in Australia they are.

Our government funds $35 billion to feed a welfare industry which has no interest in improving the plight of the Indigenous nor doing what works. The only guarantee for these continual jobs is for the status quo to remain unchanged.  

Migrants to Australia largely bring with them self sacrifice, endeavour, a good work ethic and will by and large take their hand at anything. But parasites feeding off Aboriginals do not expect the same standards for them. They have low expectations.  And it provides many with a gravy train to jump on.

The race-baiters do not focus on solutions. Welfare and affirmative action is their solution. Also white guilt and self-abasement, plus endless welfare, then add more just to be sure. They do not believe in personal responsibility.

In response to Black Lives Matter 2.0 the ABC has promoted the defund the police campaign. This campaign basically says criminals rise up, police stand down. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? The police are systemically racist because we say so.

Repeat the 432 deaths in custody and imply the police have murdered them. Imply that police just love bashing and brutalizing Aboriginals for fun and that this is an enjoyable sport for many Australians. Whip up hysterical unfounded claims without a shred of evidence. The ABC believes that Black Lives Matter protests on the ideology of intersectionality are a noble cause.

The ABC is not at all interested in promoting solutions that will actually make a difference in Indigenous welfare. They are only interested in fuelling the idea that Australians are racists and they have privileges. You must kneel to the mobs in rituals of self-abasement and rituals of group humiliation. That will make the world better how exactly?

People who refuse to kneel or admit privilege are not woke enough and not progressive enough. They are enemies. The ABC is only interested in paternalism and exercising control over Aboriginals.  All other views apart from the woke victim intersectionality ideology are not tolerated and is considered wrong. Results do not matter to them.

If every single vestige of so-called white privilege,  racism, white supremacy were eliminated tomorrow, it would not restore black fatherhood, alcohol abuse, poor education, criminality, low expectations for them or destroy gang culture.

Actual racism in Australia can only keep a handful of social justice warriors busy. Academia is able to run entire departments on claims without facts. A corrupt ideology with many practitioners and many victims. The ABC with their Guardian friends are practitioners of critical race theory which posits individuals as always oppressed based on their skin colour. Questioning those ideas amounts to tacit support of racism and makes you a racist. You either agree or you are an enemy of all that is good.

Now, I ask again what are Australians sorry for? Are they sorry that the government and the institutions fell for the sorry scam and open-ended compensation which is simply extortion? Are they sorry that the Aboriginal industry will never admit to being reconciled? Are they sorry that they get lectured to by many who drive in nice cars, live in nice houses, whilst claiming that they would have been better off in their traditional ways a la Stan Grant and Adam Goodes? Are they sorry for the state of cultural apartheid where the Aboriginals receive Aboriginal only legal services, healthcare, welfare organizations,  special grants, special scholarships,  community projects, research grants and cultural awareness programs?

Yes, we apologize for: giving you free healthcare,  doctors and medications, building thousands of new homes, bringing law and order in communities called courts and for providing police which protects Aboriginals from predation, for developing large farms, highways, airports and bridges,  for giving you free vehicles, for interest-free loans to start-up businesses, we apologise for building mines and using those mines to pay royalties. Sorry Day should be turned into We Thank You Day. It is time to thank the colonials for bringing all these benefits to Aboriginals which they could never have done themselves.

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