The left has resorted to emotionally abusing kids in favour of a myth


A private school in Sydney made headlines last week for subjecting children to emotional abuse in the name of a myth commonly known as the ‘stolen generations’. The charade included a nun with a letter from the Prime Minister bluntly telling year 4 children that they will be removed from their parents because they were not being looked after properly. The teacher joined in on the horrid game of pretend, and answered in the affirmative when several students asked her if this was real. It left many children disturbed, and parents have openly complained about this experience. This is a disgrace.

The left has further made clear their evil and anti-white intentions by exposing a vulnerable group of our society to such levels of trauma. It’s all done in order to further the cause of what has been dubbed the “Aboriginal industry”, and an industry it is. Gate takings, heritage survey payments, native title claim payments, royalties, and sitting fees are just a few of the various sources of income that are received by Aboriginal people for various programs. Such generous allocations of money from taxpayers have only resulted in inhibiting their ability to advance by themselves due to the propagation of the welfare gap, yet simply stating the facts is enough to make the alarm go off in the left-wing. But that is another issue of itself.

The issue at hand involves emotionally abusing children simply because they are White, and for something they did not do. It stems from the assumption that White people are somehow prone to stealing Aboriginal children for no good reason and thus need to be conditioned into preventing them from resorting to such acts when they become adults. It ignores the fact that violence is not race-specific, and assumes that these children should be held responsible for an alleged act committed by some of their ancestors. This is not just reverse-racism, this is just the latest example making evident the leftist war against people of European origin that has risen out of lies propagated against the White race.

Nevertheless, let us suppose the stolen generations did happen. Yes, the forceful removal of children from their parents for no reason is immoral, and should be condemned and treated as a grave criminal offence. However, the stolen generations happened decades ago (if it ever did). One does not need divine inspiration to realise that today’s children are not responsible for a tragic event from the past. In fact, nobody who was not involved in the act is to be blamed, even if their life was contemporaneous with the stolen generations. Yet, leftist collectivism has resulted in all whites being blamed for something committed by a minority of its population. Is it not the left that is so vocal in preventing all Muslims being judged because of the actions of a few? Even if the stolen generations occurred, it is unjust to blame today’s people for something they did not even do.

The truth remains, however, that the stolen generations is a myth. It is a dangerous piece of fiction that is harming both Aboriginal and White people, and inflicts pain on the entirety of Australian society. Keith Windschuttle wrote a meaningful and erudite piece in the Australian newspaper debunking the state-sanctioned removal of Aboriginal children from their families. While he concedes the fact that some children were indeed forcefully removed from their families, he provides an elaborate argument negating the view that it was an official program intended to breed out the colour and culture of Aboriginal Australians.

The most eye-opening, and relieving, piece of evidence provided by Windschuttle involves the removal of half-caste children from their families. It turns out that the existence of children’s homes and institutions “was to provide board for children sent by their parents to go to school”. Furthermore, children were not permanently separated from their families, unless of course they had no families or guardians able to look after them. Aboriginal children were allowed to visit their families and hometowns during holidays, and many returned to their families after completing their education. Those with no families or dysfunctional families naturally stayed in these institutions, as they provided temporary care for such children.

Many critics who have been at the forefront in the battle against the left’s propagation of the stolen generations myth are Aboriginal themselves. It was Aboriginal educator Nancy Barnes who famously exclaimed: “We are referred to as the ‘stolen generations’. I consider myself saved.” It is true that many of the children “removed” by the government were those suffering abuse or trauma, under both Aboriginal and White families. As mentioned earlier, missions and children’s institutions were carrying out a welfare role by providing care for children from dysfunctional families, a fact which Nancy Barnes’ statement aligns with.

Many of the Aboriginal critics of the stolen generation myth are motivated to do so due to the dangers it poses to today’s Aboriginal Australians. This encouraged former NT Chief Minister, Adam Giles, to scrutinise the impact the myth had on people’s willingness to adopt children with an Indigenous heritage. Adam Giles, who refused to be promoted as Australia’s first “indigenous Chief Minister”, himself faces criticism for his comments despite his Aboriginal heritage. The issue revolved around how the myth had pervaded Australian society so much that people were unwilling to adopt or care for disadvantaged Aboriginal children for the fear of being blamed for committing a “second” stolen generations.

In fact, the myth of stolen generations actually hurts Aboriginal children more than anyone else. As Andrew Bolt stated, Aboriginal children are being “bashed, raped and killed” because of the ongoing focus on the stolen generations by the leftist elite and the mainstream media. Bolt exposed the results of various court cases that overruled claims that particular children were forcefully removed for no reason. He also rightly claimed that this myth is “killing Aboriginal children”, and revealed cases where children who were not removed for their physical welfare due to Aboriginal activists and welfare workers intervening in the process resulted in those kids undergoing rape, and even death. This is the real racism.

Plenty of cases abound that, despite being misunderstood by the left and misreported by the media, make clear the mythical nature of the stolen generations. One such tale involves an Aboriginal child named Bruce Trevorrow, who was not actually stolen from his parents, but given away by his mothers’ relatives after they arrived at the judgement that his family was not fit to care for him. This story itself was reported on by Andrew Bolt, who has written a plethora of material keeping the left accountable for this myth.

It is these circumstances that motivated Jacinta Price to attack the left’s use of the stolen generations to prevent the removal of children who need to be removed. Price, herself part Aboriginal, criticised the left’s use of the “new stolen generations” to refer to Aboriginal children being removed from dangerous circumstances. Why is the left so opposed to the removal of children from families that mistreat them? To Larissa Behrendt’s article on the Guardian, Price responds: “Throughout the article little attention is given to the unsafe and unclean living conditions that lead to children being removed.”

Despite the extensive evidence that renders the stolen generations as a lie, Australian society continues to be afflicted with an unnecessary guilt for something they did not do. This took a sinister turn last week when primary school students in Sydney were forced to endure an abusive experience at the hands of a political movement that continues to barrage White Australians for saving Aboriginal kids from rape, drugs and death. While the left’s malign political intentions come as no surprise to the right-wing voter, its new tactic to condition Australian society to fit its deranged needs cannot be tolerated. Otherwise, the lives and livelihoods of our innocent children will be heavily at risk. How can we respond to this issue? Through the provision of information that reveal the real story behind leftist myths such as that of the stolen generations.


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