Adam Bandt is already starting to make Richard Di Natale look moderate. The Greens have moved to total outrage and all-out war on fossil fuels and capitalism. They have taken their aggression and posturing to a new level. They are now the even more extreme greens.

Anyone who has read history knows that Lenin wanted to divide by class and Hitler by race. The Greens want to divide us by both. Bandt is in full throttle mode hell-bent on destroying freedoms in every way-economic, social, cultural and political. His economic credentials are zero.  Socialism is the goal for Bandt.

Bandt is a Marxist. Before his election as the Member for Melbourne, he was undertaking a PhD on Marx. The Greens are Marxists no matter how they dress it up differently. Greens MPs have proudly spoken at rallies organized by revolutionary Marxist groups.

Bandt being a Marxist means: he is an accessory to communist genocide, is totalitarian, hates individual freedoms, declares war on aspiration, is a revolutionary who wants to destroy the government in any way possible and install a socialist state. He has called on Australians to rise up against the Morrison Government.

He wants children to be weaponized to push his armageddon predictions of climate change. Children are simply props. Teach children Marxism and how to be wards of the state. Forget self-sufficiency and ambition.

Adam Bandt also has contempt for religious freedoms and freedom of speech. The Greens declare anyone not sharing their views as intolerant and as bigots. Pick any position the Greens have and they are full of extreme intolerance.

Any views that are contrary to theirs are called hate speech. They are happy for the tyrannical operatives at the Australian Human Rights Commission to punish dissenters.

The commandments of the Greens go like this:

Though shall not allow the free market to be free

Thou shall not utter the four-letter word COAL

Thou shall not control the nations borders

Thou shall say minorities can do no wrong and the majority can do no right

Thou shall not hurt someone’s feelings

Thou shall not employ someone with the same values and beliefs

Aboriginal children are all stolen

The state is the guardian of your children

(Morning Mail)

I wish Sarah-Hanson-Young had become the leader of the Greens. Then it would be even more of a laugh than Bandt the Bandit. Bandt could not knock the froth off a cappuccino. Just like Antifa, he is a radical left wack job.

Adam Bandt shares some of the same tenets as Bernie Sanders. For example, he has already called for a Green New Deal to decarbonize the Australian economy. Bandt has declared the mining industry as climate criminals. Sanders also calls fossil fuel operations criminal. Bandt has even gone as far as to propose climate trials for the enemies of his green utopia.

The only people who espouse how good the ideology of socialism is are those who think they will be the new masters, not one of the slaves. Bandt would control and fine-tune every aspect of your life given a chance.

Socialists like Bandt are never able to accept the fact that socialism has failed everywhere it has been imposed. They have embraced environmental causes as a backdoor way to get socialism accepted in Western nations. Bandt uses the environment to try to replace private property and trade in the market with state control and mandates by foreign bodies such as the United Nations. 

The left casts global warming as the opportunity to radically ramp up its crusades. Socialist policies whether proposed here in Australia by Bandt or by Bernie Sanders are no less deadly than other previous utopian socialist schemes.

Bandt wants state-enforced equality.  He wants the citizens controlled by the government.  Enterprise will be sacrificed in pursuit of enforced material equality for everyone. Bandt could not name you one single successful socialist or communist government in history yet he wants that here in Australia. 

According to socialists like Bandt, their version of socialism is gentler, kinder and respects the rights of everyone. Once Bandt achieves the dream of impoverishing Australia he seeks a socialist paradise. Make people so afraid of climate change that they can hardly think of anything else.

Incidentally, anxiety disorders have skyrocketed among the youth. Adam, go right ahead and try to change the weather. Perhaps in 10 years or so let us know how you went.

The Chinese moved away from socialist objectives on how to distribute wealth towards capitalist objectives concerned with producing wealth. Socialism never creates wealth. When the demand side of Bandt’s equation has no obligation to pay, the supply side simply says f*** you, quits and moves on elsewhere.

The Greens want a revolution of the victims, a growing victim list. The advertisement of the Greens is a very soft sell. It is like a confectionery manufacturer advertising sweets to kids. We have lots of freebies and free stuff is basically the Greens sales pitch. There is no end to the number of victims that need saving for the Greens.

Green propaganda fills children’s minds. The Greens have no concern for plummeting education standards. Children as good little socialists and as gender-fluids is the objective.

Also, whip up some more anger in Indigenous communities to make them more subservient. Turn everyone into dependents so they are easier to control.

They use climate change hysteria such as the earth at big risk talk.  Therefore, those within mining are criminals and Bandt may wish to lock up billionaires who do not comply with his demands.

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