The Enemy State of China


Reprisal from Chinese authorities far outweigh the offense.

The Chinese Mirage

China’s innocuous mystique is nothing more than a pop culture fable, disinterested little men, in drab Kung Fu attire, rapidly firing off words from a strange dialect. Portrayed as honourable men with determined work ethic, unimpressed by the trappings of Western excess.

Wing Ho surveys his farm

China has amazingly avoided any kind of negative stigma from the usual self-righteous blowhards in the corrupt media. Back in October of 2019, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey Tweeted his support for Democracy loving protesters in Hong Kong.

If Morey expected a few “pats on the back” from the coalition of whiney social justice sympathizers, he was sadly mistaken, it seems China was on their no-criticize list.

Morey quickly deleted his “emotional momentary lapse of constraint”, but not quick enough, Chinese sensibilities had been offended, so the NBA puckered up, dreading that China might take their billions and go home?

Shockingly, the NBA is deeply vested in  China, however, their ambassadors won’t bring the game to poor village children with dirty faces and ratty clothes, rather it’s a relationship with businesses worth billions, big boy’s only.

There are back-water shitholes across the globe blacklisted for allegedly stifling democracy or abusing their citizens, they routinely incur economic sanctions or worse from the US.

We deep-sixed Gadaffi for arguably next to nothing, ask Hillary Clinton about the deposed Libyan leader.

She is authentically bemused as she describes her reaction to the news of a sovereign nation’s leader being killed in the streets like a rabid dog.

Why does China get a pass?

When war-monger John McCain was still above ground, he and his masochistic side-kick  Lindsey Graham would describe our military excursions into third world nations with 2nd rate defenses as nobly preserving Democracy.

The gaping mouths of the left are unusually silent over our amicable relationship with the massively populated Asian nation. Why are they seemingly overlooking China’s affront to humanity? Are they condoning abusive behaviour?

She won’t return library books late again

China isn’t that bad, right?

On its face, China is a police state with invasive policies, brutally imposed by an authoritarian head of state. It’s citizens waive basic rights that much of the world takes for granted.

The Media

Although the majority of American media outlets are an extension of the Democrat party, do to a shared belief in a failed ideology, they won’t usually incur a state-sponsored beat-down for deviating from their prepared script.

Chinese media cautiously reverberates measured information (manufactured propaganda) that’s been approved by the communist regime.


The actual man-power, toiling through the day to day in the communist workforce dwarfs the populations of some small countries, it’s enormous. It’s also common knowledge that they work for peanuts, literally!  For ten hours of excruciating labor, Tran Ho Ming received one fucking peanut!

Mandatory overtime

It’s not unusual for their men or women to work up to 18 hours a day and only take home a $100.00, for one month!, It would take them years to save for a pair of Nike Lebron 17 Monstars, maybe Lebron would give them the hometown discount.


The wage gap between genders is significant, wait until this news reaches Rachel Maddow, rumor has it that she was Bloomberg’s inspiration for the “horse-faced lesbian” comment.

The dark side of Despotism

There is a dark reality at play on planet Earth, one that dreamers and fancy-pants find difficult to avow, certain homogeneous populations of people need the measured control of an authoritarian regime or despot to manage some semblance of civilized society.

Particular populations are only capable of maintaining a modicum of civility under the strict control of an unelected repressive authority. Occasionally, when that authoritarian government is rendered inconsequential by invading foreign forces or a well-conceived coup, its society spirals into chaotic butchering or genocide.

The totalitarian regime in China is much darker.

Sub-human treatment of its citizens

Hitler is routinely considered the benchmark for unadulterated evil, partially due to the lofty influence of Jewish lobbies and special interest, the left also exacerbates this assumption by disseminating misinformation into far-reaching tentacles of the Democrat-controlled media.

I’m hardly a Nazi apologist, however, there are far more murderous regimes recorded throughout history than Adolph & the Brown-Shirts. There’s a copious score of sound & objective arguments supporting this claim.

China has zero regard for humanity, its maniacal relationship with its defenseless citizenry can make hardened soldiers wince. The paranoid sociopathic regime is desperate to maintain absolute power over the people, slightly criticizing the government can be a capital offense.

“What do you mean the soup is cold?”

China’s citizens and its currency are similarly devalued, the government institutes extreme policies designed to break the people’s will and quell any attempt at change.

  • Chinese people are socially isolated and meagerly exist under the fear of a restrictive policed state.
  • The primarily poor majority of Chinese simply endure, like a warehouse of manufactured goods they are kept in their proper location, constantly monitored by tight surveillance.
  • Chinese live in constant fear of being targeted by the state, this could result in torture, a nasty beating, attacks on one’s family, lengthy jail sentences or possibly a bullet to the dome.

American farmers wouldn’t recognize China” harvesting methods

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