We are currently experiencing the high economic cost of containing the coronavirus. But here is one positive that will come out of it. The millennials will toughen up to a degree. The empty supermarket shelves and long queues outside government welfare offices have taught them about what socialism would look like.

Thankfully we live in a capitalist nation where businesses can quickly respond to consumers and innovation can help repair the gaps in our economy. The shutdowns and curtailing of our freedoms as we have seen due to the coronavirus is how socialism would work every day.

Your business would be closed or restricted not because of a virus but because you are a capitalist and the hated class according to the central government.

You will become the property of the state under socialism.  The socialist planners will have Antifa to ramp up their attacks, free speech would be suppressed. The transformation will be violent. Private property would be confiscated, places of worship or associations will fall under the control of the state.

Each person would simply be assigned a duty to the state. Guns would all be seized. The masses will toil to sustain a few elites whilst the oligarchs live in luxury. The masses will live in poverty.

Do you think that cannot happen in the United States or Australia? It happened in China, the USSR, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuela, Cuba and many other places.

You may even be re-educated if you are the hated capitalist class and do not embrace socialism as much as you should. We all know professors at universities do not get a position if they do not show enough enthusiasm for social justice warrior causes or do not avidly support socialist tenets.  

The millennials have been brought up with victim culture and oppression Olympics. It has been a culture of blame. Merit has been eradicated, quotas are now in place at universities, the discipline has been erased. Millennials want everything and now.

They know little of thrift, endeavour and sacrifices. The onus has heavily shifted from personal responsibility to outside forces being the problem and authorities are saught for their health and it is viewed that authority figures are responsible for their lives. 

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