The Unshackled takes a strong editorial stance against the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and other public displays of the LGBT lifestyle. Every year on the eve of the Mardi Gras we reaffirm this stance with op-ed’s from our contributors explaining why this event must end.

The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade is a public demonstration of gross degeneracy. To think thousands of “fellow Australians” would indecently expose themselves in public in order to show that they are proud of their sexual identity is mind-boggling.

Heterosexuals don’t display their pride in being straight with similar parades. Heterosexuals do not need to because they generally as a collective have morals and are not as sexually promiscuous.

According to Bettina Arndt, promiscuity is highest among male homosexuals and lowest among female lesbians because men biologically have the highest sex drive. This helps explain why the parade is highly sexualised even to the point of allowing young children not only to watch but also participate in the parade.

This particular reality ought to concern us as Australians’ as the sexualisation of children, whether it be in the classroom via the Safe Schools, in the media and now onto the streets through Mardi Gras is not a sign of a healthy moral society. Instead, it is a recipe for a degenerate salacious culture of instant gratification.

The advocates of Mardi Gras argue that straights are not oppressed and we need to cater for oppressed sexual minorities.  A way to achieve this in their mind is to publicly express their comfort in identifying as gay, thus encouraging those still in the closet to come out and the general public to accept their insanity.

It is evident that anyone who attends to the Mardi Gras has succumbed to the depraved influences in our society infecting the minds of these poor souls and has led them astray from the right path. It is unlikely that they will get back into the right path. Regardless we must pray for these people to come to their senses and break free from such destructive ways.

The Australian Defence Force as well as our various police forces are also guilty of engaging in this abject display of degeneracy. I visited my local police station late last year and behind the counter there was a small rainbow flag, which was visible to the public.

The ADF and the Police have strong contingents of their members in uniform parading at the Mardi Gras. Australian patriot Bernard Gaynor made the point that army members in uniform attending a political parade went against Defence regulations, only to lose his job and get dragged through the courts.

To think that 50 years ago, it was the police who arrested and beat these homosexuals to a pulp and now they are literally joining in on a parade they used to crash. It is an astounding state of affairs. Police officials have apologised for their heavy handed patriotic actions from the first Mardi Gras in 1978 to rebuild trust and understanding with the LGBT community.

This is done for various reasons; to garner public support and also to encourage gay individuals to become police officers. They cannot reach their “diversity quotas” if they do not right the apparent “wrongs” of the past.

The only wrong thing the police, military and government have done is not going far enough in maintaining order and morality when they had the power to do so. It is precisely these mistakes that current generations of Australians are suffering the effects of.

A problem to be solved must be solved from the root. Otherwise it will grow back evermore strong to haunt you. Perhaps we can learn from the Greek hero Heracles, who when fighting the Hydra, a multi-headed snake would cauterize the open stumps in order to ensure the Hydra did not grow two more heads in its place.

Ideally Australia should be learning from history. If you give an inch to minorities they will take a mile. Often the victim of the past becomes the tormentor because they adopt a “revenge politics”. Revenge politics has manifested itself throughout history, whether it be France’s treatment of Germany  post WWI, or the animosity between the Tutsis and the Hutus. Hence we must learn from these mistakes and not allow the gay mafia to “avenge” the historical injustices the gays have faced.

The homosexual mafia however has already evolved into the bully. Taking people to court, forcing people to make their cake, brainwashing kids and they will eventually force churches to marry gay couples and religious schools to accept gay teachers and students.

If we are to ensure our freedom we must take a leaf from Russia and Uganda, where homosexuality has become an institutionalised taboo with laws against its practice. These countries will maintain their freedom and culture because they will never give an “inch” to the homosexuals as they have causterised the head, torn out the root leaving no seeds where future trouble will sprout.

Banning the Mardi Gras and other similar public displays would be a bold step in reversing the advance we have seen from the homosexuals its various offshoots, which now include transgenders (which is even forced on young children) and disgusting sexual fetishes. There would be outrage initially but it would begin the process of returning our society to a more healthy state of affairs.

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