Teachers Wanted: Bachelor of Indoctrination Required


The Socialist pushing left have absolutely no shame in indoctrinating our children and will do all they can to get to them as young as possible. It seems that not a day goes by where there is not another disgusting attack on our children’s minds, indoctrinating them in their ideals, their beliefs and their agenda. Parents are completely and utterly removed from the process of children’s social development. These sick social justice warriors have no shame and believe that their rights to mould children’s minds to be nothing more than brainwashed little Socialist sheep overrules the rights of parents to raise THEIR children as they see fit.

Safe Schools; Respectful Relationships; No Gender December; Building Belonging; Friends of Children in Detention; teachers for refugees; the list of programs and activist groups targeting our children grows daily.

Just today another article came out in the Daily Telegraph where Year 3 children in a Sydney school are being indoctrinated to become little social justice warriors for the left. It seems the Socialist left and their Labor and Greens political activists cannot wait to brainwash the kids and to bring them one step closer to the destruction of all Western Values, which in turn will allow them to rise up against the establishment and bring about their socialist utopia they have long fought for.

Helensburgh Public School, led by Principal Chris Connor who was a former Labor deputy mayor and current councillor at Wollongong Council is under investigation by the NSW Department of Education. The year three class presented a letter to the Turnbull government attacking the government stance on border protection. The signed letter on the schools letterhead was accompanied by handwritten messages and drawings from the children. The drawings contained images of children behind bars.

This news follows closely behind the ‘Teachers for Refugee’ controversy where our teachers are wearing shirts to school in support of refugees and against our border protection policies. Despite the outrage and calls for the sacking of any teacher using schools as a place of political protest, pictures have been posted across social media with teachers proudly wearing the T-shirts.

Now whilst there has been outrage about the letter and T-shirts, the reality is that there already are government funded indoctrination programs all throughout a child’s education. In the past schools were expected to educate children to have the skills to be able to survive financial and academically in society. This included strong reading and writing skills, strong maths skills, an understand of our history, the world geography and a good understanding of the science behind everything. These skills propelled children into careers that included medical research, engineering and so forth, helping to better progress society through better medical, technological and scientific advancements.

Now, hours upon hours are wasted on social programs, telling our children how they should act, what they should feel, who they should be and what they should be outraged by. Previously parents were the ones responsible for raising their kids as per the traditions and the values that they themselves were raised with. These values and beliefs are often founded in religion and/or culture, and are a major part of who these people are. It is one of the greatest joys in the world to be a parent, and every parent wants to raise their children in their traditions, values and morals. It is their right as parents to do this, it is their right to have the final say on how their children are raised. Who gave the right to the government, teachers and political activist to say what beliefs and values are okay to be instilled or indoctrinated into the minds of children that they are not parents to.

It is time for parents to unite, to stand up for their rights to honour their traditions, values and beliefs and to take back the role of raising their children. The fight against the left cannot be a mediocre response but a deafening roar. These are our children and there is nothing more important to fight for then this.

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