The Professional Dole Bludgers Ripping Off Hard Working Australians


Australia’s welfare system, that was designed as an attempt to save struggling families from poverty, is being abused and taken advantage of by a large section of the population. There are concerns by some in the Turnbull government that intergenerational welfare will rise, meaning entire generations from grandparents to newborns will spend their whole lives on handouts, which in turn will be at a major cost to the taxpayer and will bleed the system dry. At $160 billion dollars, the cost of welfare equates to one third of all government expenditure. The Turnbull government must look for ways to reduce spending, which is rising 6% every year. With dismal polls continuing for the coalition, it must by the time the May budget arrives, come up with a plan that will finally overhaul the welfare system and ensure that it is there to provide the services that it was strictly designed for in the first place.

The Department of Human Services recently released figures indicating that 35,576 Australians either refused to take or hold down a suitable job. Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison on Sydney’s 2GB told Ray Hadley that “if they knock back those jobs, they are not taking those jobs, then they shouldn’t be getting the dole.” Scott Morrison argued that the government had been trying to get legislation from the 2015/16 budget passed that would put in place a 4 week waiting period for youth allowance. “That means you can’t go from the school front gate when you leave school to the Centrelink front door… Labor should support this, the crossbenchers should support this.” Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Tanya Plibersek, agreed when she told reporters that “if someone is rorting, they should have the book thrown at them but let’s have a government that’s serious about supporting jobs for Australians too.”

The Labor party may say the right words when it is convenient, but in action they are guilty of not only creating this flawed system in the first place, but also of sending our jobs overseas, in turn causing businesses to close and unemployment to rise. Politicians on both sides always talk tough on welfare but never do anything to fix the problem. The 4 week plan is very soft compared to the original proposal which was a 6 month waiting period in the 2014/15 budget that didn’t pass in the senate.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, said there are areas where business owners can’t find workers to do entry-level jobs, like fruit picking or working in an abattoir, but unemployment is high. There are “whole regions where as many people receive their income from welfare as from a job.” We see this happening in our regional areas where it is common to see youth unemployment sit at more than 30%, in rural areas where that figure can be up to 50%, as well as western Sydney hotspots like Auburn and Regents Park. Mr Tudge said that “we are fortunate to have a strong social security system for when people are down on their luck, but it must be a safety net, not a destination.” We are seeing many people refuse work outright, and some that accept a job and never turn up to work. More than 22,000 quit their new job without a good reason to go back on unemployment payments. Another 10,000 are sacked from their new job for serious misconduct, such as theft, assault or harassment of colleagues or customers, or unauthorised absences from work.

Pauline Hanson recently has weighed in on the debate, saying that Australian taxpayers’ money was being used to condone polygamy for Islamic families with two or three wives. She said, “if we keep ­appeasing these groups they will want more and more. They will keep going on and abusing us, our generosity and our culture. Second marriages are not ­acknowledged in this country or their children, and they should not be funded at all.” Hanson’s remarks were a response to Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, where he confirmed that Centrelink did pay spousal benefits to multiple partners of Muslim men. He said, “the question is, do you get the higher rate because you are single, or do you get the lower rate because you are part of a relationship?”

In Australia polygamy is illegal, but there are no laws stopping consenting adults from living together in a relationship. Although Mathias Cormann rejected the suggestion that it meant the government accepted polygamy, it is quite clear that they are willing to sell out our values and culture, all in an effort to benefit financially. The welfare agency is just as much a joke by refusing to collect data on domestic relationships, which are considered marriages under Islamic law, despite the fact that several of these so called “wives” are claiming benefits in the same marriage and ripping off the system. The government has been disgraceful in accepting these unlawful relationships funded by the taxpayer, all for the reason that it gains from it, even when it is at the detriment to this great nation.

Prue MacSween when speaking on the Weekend Sunrise program, also warned us of the dangers this poses to Australia when she said, “we are going to still allow it to happen because we are too bloody lazy or inept to accept that these people are thumbing their nose at [the taxpayer] and rorting the system.” She also fired up and expanded on this issue in a more general sense. “When are they going to start with this lot who won’t even stand up in court to observe our laws who just think we’re a bunch of mugs, which we are, because we allow them to rort the system?” We have a big problem with Muslims that have taken advantage of a flawed system due to the fact that they know they can get away with it. We as a society must put our foot down and ensure that our money isn’t being used by Muslim families with multiple wives, and in a general sense by people that don’t want to contribute to our society but would rather leech off hard working Australians.

This is an issue that needs to be tackled by politicians that have the guts to do what is right for our country, rather than pander to the politically correct elite. George Christensen is one of those few politicians that does so in an effort to better this country. He like myself has advocated that a policy should be put in place that after a welfare recipient has been on the dole for 6 months, the payments will then be immediately cut. If someone doesn’t have any special requirements such as a disability and are able to work, there is no excuse for them to not find a job in such a long period of time. The 6 month period gives Australians enough time to apply for a variety of positions even if they aren’t the applicants most desirable choice, move to another area where there are jobs available, look at further studies in order to gain more qualifications, or start up their own business. With such a policy in place it will motivate people to try and achieve, however by not choosing this option they will be in dire straits.

Back on the 17th of October 2016, Newscorp columnist and industrial relations expert, Grace Collier, told an audience on ABC program Q&A, “nobody has an entitlement to a job. Society doesn’t owe you a job. The Government can’t get you a job. The Government shouldn’t have to get you a job. There’s no such thing as Government money. There’s your money and my money. Everybody has something that they’re good at … you work out what you’re good at and you try and make a career out of that.” Of course these remarks set the biased left-wing audience into a frenzy. Greens leader Richard Di Natale attempted to highlight cases where jobs were in short supply, when Grace Collier hit back saying “people can start their own businesses.”

This was a typical occasion that highlighted the mentality of the left. A mentality that they feel that the country owes them and that they shouldn’t have to lift a finger. That they can continue to rip off hard working Australians and plunge this country into further debt. That they continue to feel that they achieve more sitting at home being keyboard warriors rather than going out to make a living, which benefits them as individuals and benefits the nation. President John F Kennedy at his inaugural address once said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This quote is still relevant to this day. Do we want to live in a country where everyone cares for themselves, and where dole bludgers continue to rip off both the taxpayer and our great nation? Or do we want to live in one where people work hard to better themselves, their families, and in turn their country? The only way that things will change is if politicians take the harsh but necessary measures to overhaul the welfare system. With the budget continuing to increase in debt, unemployment figures rising to 5.7%, and for youth 12.61%, and an increase of those that are cheating the system, we now need tough measures such as those proposed by George Christensen. Whether it is politically incorrect, going to hurt people’s feelings, or better yet give people the ultimatum to get up and do something with their life, we need to fix this mess. The time to overhaul the welfare system is now.


Damien Ferri
National Deputy Leader Of The UCP Young Conservatives

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