Sydney Climate Protest Organized by Marxists

If you look around Sydney lately, you’d be forgiven for concluding that you were in Beijing. The air has also been a bit smoky.

Sydney Climate Protests

A late Sydney climate protest was organized by Marxist nutjobs, but again the mainstream media are seemingly ignorant.

If you stood on a Sydney street corner and looked around you, you’d be forgiven for concluding that you were in Beijing. The air has also been a bit smoky lately.

Never known to be ones to waste an opportunity to co-opt a cause, the city’s Marxist rabble were lead by Socialist Alternative organizer Chloe Rafferty who managed to speak at a massive Sydney climate protest in the CBD capitalizing on the bushfires sweeping the country.

‘Chloe Rafferty’ introduces herself as a representative for “uni students for climate justice” in this live broadcast by SBS, which sounds innocuous enough. Unless you read Lucas Rosas’ work you probably wouldn’t know that ‘Uni Students for Climate Justice’ is a front organization for Socialist Alternative.

Don’t believe us? You can read about Chloe’s extremist ties here, here and here.

SBS didn’t see fit to point out the plethora of communist red flags in attendance, as can be seen in this tweet by @kelliekelly23 below.

You may remember Chloe Rafferty as the charming individual charged for throwing a cup of coffee on an attendee of the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, an event also covered by The Unshackled.

The media silence and wilfull ignorance toward the prolific extremist organizers of the Sydney climate protest is deafening, Lucas Rosas has written about it again and again yet it seems to fall on deaf ears.

The Sydney climate protest saw the streets packed and trams halted, with protesters wearing respirators and face masks, presumably due to the smoke.

Protesters are demanding a ‘climate emergency’ be declared and are seeking to leverage the trauma and tragedy from the fires sweeping Australia, currently undergoing an epic drought exacerbated by water mismanagement and a lack of preventative land clearing. Many of the fires have been deliberately lit.

It remains to be seen how labeling the drought a ‘climate emergency’ will actually act to alleviate the burden, or merely empower already emboldened climate activists such as Extinction Rebellion.

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