Sweden: Suicide of a Western Nation


As a toddler, I routinely mistook Sweden for Switzerland and vice-versa, although now  I am not so ignorant, Swedes are the descendants of fierce Nordic white guys that courageously braved the uncharted seas in search of new conquest. The Swiss are the hot cocoa people with St. Bernards and the Alps.

I often associate Sweden to sexy blonde women with captivating blue eyes and legs that go on for days or the adventurous explorers, unapologetically slaying their unsuspecting quarry and collecting the valuable booty by intimidation or brute force.

Tragically, that’s an inaccurate depiction and pure romanticism, I was sadly living in a fool’s paradise.

Reality is… Prepare to be shocked, I was….

Sweden: Prima-Donna’s or Naive Nancy Boys?

Best defined as a crumbling welfare state with an extreme identity crisis, Sweden is sadly close to peril, struggling to survive a severe and self-inflicted blow to the cultural nuts.

Refusing to be outdone by other  Euro-ethnic nations, Sweden has developed a troubling psychosis of self-loathing and anti-white vagaries, this once sound society finds itself absorbing an overwhelming population of foreigners with disruptive baggage in tow.

Among their modest population of 10 million, a ghastly 24% is foreign-born and an absorbent amount of those are sex perv’s, rapist, and staunch purveyors of violence.  Many astute minds are baffled by Swedens desire to complicate a cohesive and balanced culture by opening their communities to needy people with nothing to offer.

Not only do these “refugees” come to the party empty-handed, but they also come with an enormous chip on their shoulders and overt contempt for their generous hosts.

Sweden’s genteel self-image and their desire to be a  low-crime progressive utopia are being definitively challenged by reality and a troubling uptick in gang-related violence.

Peaceful tight-knit communities are being ravaged by an infestation of drugs, sexual assaults, and vandalism,  this trend is closely related to the senseless importation of vagrants who remain loyal and devout to their homeland’s customs and practices.

Throughout two weeks in 2018, the arguably quite European country was rocked by 5 explosions, the newspaper headlines read like New York City in the 80s when the crack epidemic was just gathering steam.

There were 1.5 million new crimes in 2019 with increases in RAPE, DRUG-RELATED CRIMES, and VANDALISM…..Shocker! Swedish women and children are being targeted and increasingly targeted! The Vikings wouldn’t have stood by and gotten high while their women and children were being violated. Muggings also increased by 12%

It’s no wonder that Sweden leads the way in transgender derangement syndrome , for every powder-puff, snowflake, and domineering female this detrimental brand of social rewiring offers an abundant wealth of national pride.

Increasingly, under the persuasive campaign of progressive subterfuge,  record numbers of nordic children are being violated whilst submissive Swedes sit idley by, encouraging prepubescent children to abandon their sexual appendages or to begin popping hormone blockers.

Angry alpha-females have rendered the Swedens beta-male population impotent, unable to prevent bizarro sexual tinkering as bad foreign actors groom their children for the illegal sex trade.

The self-destructive behavior that’s rapidly consuming the Swedish identity is, unfortunately, not confined to the meagerly populated Nordic nation, it’s a distressing trend throughout the Western world.

The objective is clear, deliberately mutating the innate biological nature of society and radical defeminization of its women is a formidable retrogression, increasingly, whites are failing to replenish themselves. This dilemma is exacerbated by the mass importation of second and third rate citizens that have been predetermined to fail miserably at assimilation.

The influx of migrants from countries and cultures vastly dissimilar to the West is intentional, they are completely out of their depth,  incapable of joining the population and thus replacing it!.

Swedish men suffering from “imaginary vagina syndrome” might be mentally in proficient and unable to protect their children or stifle their babes, they may require rigorous therapy aimed at reversing or eliminating their overwhelming Dysphoria.

Were I asked to contribute one of my “seldomly inaccurate recommendations”, I would request a healthy dose of reality-based observation, beginning with the hilarious, albeit accurate, video below. This is a vivid illustration of how far the progressive left has deviated from reality.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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