George Orwell’s 1984 has arrived. It was written to be a warning to the world, not an instruction manual. The United Nations Agenda 2030 is gaining ground and could become a frightening reality. The Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 is a revision of the UN’s Agenda 21 which was deemed to be too aggressive to be achieved by next year.

The global coronavirus pandemic no doubt hit their plans with its health agency the World Health Organisation coming under fire for being slow to declare a pandemic and running cover for Communist China when the outbreak began.

But the UN must be pleased that western governments are now wielding tight control over its citizenry, keeping them under house arrest in the name of containing the coronavirus.

They also must love the Australian government introducing a mobile coronavirus tracing app which will be “voluntary” at first to download which will inform if its citizens have been into contact with anyone diagnosed with coronavirus. Its is just as good as big brother’s telescreen in everyhome.

The Orwellian gains the UN and other globalists have already made in the 21st century still remain and are worth revisiting.

The left has captured all of the western nations’ and global institutions. Universities in the West are havens for useless social justice warriors, devilish feminism and Marxism. Universities are full of trigger warnings and safe spaces. If they cannot handle an alternate view, they try to ban it. University research papers are becoming more boring by the day. The papers are all groupthink, all left orthodoxy. Students who do not toe the line just keep their mouths shut.

You will be called a hero if you are a trans individual at university, but you will be called evil if you are a conservative and believe in traditional families. If you are trans you will be on the front page of the university newspaper

But if you are a female who wants to have a child and you think motherhood is the greatest gift, you will be called an enemy of feminism. You belong in the past if you think that way. Traditional families are oppressive you see and the idea of a child having a mother and a father, well, that is backward primitive thinking.

Abortion is now increasingly celebrated. The fact it always results in dead babies does not matter. It is healthcare, a right. Abortion clinics simply help a parent/s escape from parenting by aborting babies. But you are not to mention that.

A doublespeak George Orwell society says society has no business discussing or decrying mutually planned killing. Using power to crush innocent life is considered liberating. The death camps of World War 2 did not end. It simply got rebranded and relocated. The unwanted and burdensome are taken to what are called reproductive health clinics. If abortion is not killing an innocent unborn life, then sonograms or images would clearly show that and no psychological damage would occur. But because it is obvious abortion is killing, it is best those things be covered up.

The decimation of the family and the destruction of the sexual revolution-it is my wishes, my wants, my self-whims that are most important. Consequences do not matter. Increased debauchery and sexual permissiveness has led to a collapse of cultures-depraved drag queens reading to children, sadomasochism of homosexuals marching down the streets is the end result. Events with public whippings, public sex acts, nakedness and satanic worship you would think are signs a culture is collapsing. No.

The progressives flaunt and praise these choices and the bigots are now the ones calling it out. No discussion allowed. In Canada, a teacher’s role is to endorse and teach everything the LGBTIQ…says is right. No one can question or disagree with the transexual movement.

Agenda 2030 is George Orwell on steroids. The United Nations’ goals are to end poverty. The translation is centralized banks. Ensure healthy lives. Translation-mass vaccination, surveillance, tracking, thought and speech control.

They wish to ensure inclusive and equitable education. Translation-UN propaganda and social justice warriors. Achieve gender equality, empower women. Translation-abortion. Reduce inequality. Translation-more government bureaucracy. Sustainable consumption and production. Translation-forced austerity.

George Orwell’s 1984 is here and it has come in the name of progress, socialism and public health. It means open borders which will resume when they believe they can get away with it, global government tyranny and destruction of parental rights.

It is to punish the rich, successful and innovators. It is to redistribute the confiscated wealth to the masses of non-working human parasites that feed off a productive economy while contributing nothing to it. Banning all gun ownership will be another goal. The United Nations wants to teach mass victimization and obedience to a government that provides.

The United Nations is socialist. Socialists, in the end, are quacks, snake oil salesmen, con-men, shysters. No socialist will practice what they preach. It is about forcing others to practice what they preach. It brings economic ruin and misery to those under its rule.

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