I write this with a heavy heart as society implodes all around me, the battle fronts well and truly entrenched, neither willing to give an inch as the divide grows, the anger, the resentment, the hate builds as we are on the verge of a clash of unparalleled proportions.

Is this the vision we all had of a modern civilised society, where did it all go wrong? How did we lose who we were, our values and our common human bonds?

Everything has gone to the extremes on both sides of the equation; humanity has lost its soul as the battle rages on. The media and governments continue to draw a wedge between us all. In the United States the media is pushing an agenda of division between blacks and whites. Most people want to see us all treated as equals and for years we strived towards this but then the left took it so far the other way, they attacked the whites and labelled them privileged, suddenly a black life was worth more in their eyes, constant campaigns and protests rage such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Hands up don’t shoot”, the catch-phrases could not come quick enough. This has resulted in hate crimes on both sides. But instead of everyone standing in unity and calling out the disgusting criminal hate crimes, excuses reign with each side of the political and social system retreating to their side and increasing the rhetoric.

I acknowledge I am a conservative and clearly on the right, so this piece will be biased to some degree but I see the divide growing daily and I see the extremes on my side of the political spectrum growing daily. We are spawning a generation of division, hatred and hopelessness and all because we cannot compromise.

We have the LGBTI community fully backed and supported by the Left pushing their views and ideology on innocent little children in schools, with the intent to indoctrinate them in to a lifestyle that is incompatible with biological sustainability. The days of mass attacks on members of the LGBTI community were gone, with only a small minority still reported until recently. The majority of people were willing to let them be and to live the way they wanted to live. But that was not enough and now we have disgusting indoctrination of our children in schools with programs such as Safe Schools. The people on the right who dare to raise their objections to the programs are labelled homophobes and the left refuse to address the content of the program. The program which is labelled as an anti-bullying program is definitely not what it says, but sadly the left have firmly dug their heals in and refuse to heed the concerns of the right. The attitude of the left has spawned hatred from many on the right towards the LGBTI community. As a society we should have been able to have a discussion and found our way to the sensible conclusion that we don’t want to see bullying towards anyone but at the same time we don’t want to see indoctrination and young children exposed to extreme sexual content that has no place in schools. Instead we are locked in a vicious battle which has seen violent clashes on the streets as opposing protesters have locked horns. We have also seen an attack on the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters that was potentially inspired by this battle, but police are not divulging any information on the attackers’ motives.

Then there is marriage and the same-sex marriage debate, for century’s marriage has been between a man and a woman but now they want to change this timeless family institution to allow same-sex marriage. A suitable compromise would be to allow same-sex couples to have a civil union with the same rights of a married couple, this compromise would legally and financially create equality but whilst still protecting the values and traditions of many. But once again there is no compromise and both sides are deadlocked in battle creating more hate and division.

As my heading suggested, sanity has gone out the window as this battle rages, there is no clearer evidence of this than Islamic extremism. The left are so hell bent on protecting Muslims that they will open their borders to a clear and present danger and refuse to do anything at all to address the issue within the Muslim community. By denying the problem exists and by failing to adequately tackle Islamic extremism they have created such a strong divide in the community where the right now have zero tolerance for Muslims and openly call for their banning from nations or worse. If only the left called out that element of the Muslim community early on and tackled the problems as they presented then maybe just maybe we could have lived in peace, but when you enable evil behaviour it will grow into a deadly disease.

So as we saw in the United States, the right fought back and Donald Trump and his extreme measures won. As a society I wish we could have found our common ground and compromised but it seems that is impossible now. The battle is waging and we are sadly forced to pick a side, for me I pick the right and if I have to I will go with the extreme rather than except the left’s extreme. Sadly that is how everyone on the left feel to. Welcome to an extreme new world, sigh…..

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