Salvini To The Netherlands: No Space For Migrants In Italy


Italy's Northern League party's leader Matteo Salvini delivers a speech during his electoral tour at San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo), 3 February 2018. ANSA / GIORGIO BENVENUTI

Italy’s Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced recently that Rome had sent a letter to the Netherlands, telling the government to deal with the case of a ship run by the Sea-Watch NGO with 47 rescued migrants aboard:

“Fifteen minutes ago I sent a letter
to the Dutch government in which it is officially and formally tasked with
dealing with this vessel, which flies the Dutch flag, and of the passengers on

The ship was allowed to enter Italian
sea waters due to bad weather.  The city
of Naples said that they are willing to allow the Sea-watch ship to dock at
their ports. 

However, Salvini countered the move
and reiterated his policy of refusing access to Italy’s ports to NGO-run
migrant-rescue ships.

“I can’t wait to have them arrive,
safe and sound, in another European country,” Salvini said. “There’s
no space (for them) in Italy.”

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf reported that the Netherlands has rejected Italy’s
demand to take in the migrants from the NGO rescue ship Sea-Watch 3.

Dutch Secretary of State for Asylum
and Migration, Mark Harbers, issued the following statement to De Telegraaf:

“Until there are European accords on
structural solutions for the migrants on board the (migrant smuggler) boats,
the Netherlands will not take part in ad hoc solutions.”

Harbers added that “the Netherlands
has noted the Italian request, but is not responsible for the Sea-Watch 3”.

Italian Interior Ministry sources
revealed that they are in the process of gathering evidence to criminally
charge the Sea-Watch 3 crew for engaging in covert immigration.

Also, the Council of Europe’s Group
of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) aired out
their concern about the effects of Italy’s new migration-and-security decree.

The body claims that the
legislation, drafted by Salvini, could adversely affect the identification
process of trafficking victims and provision of shelter for unaccompanied

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